I Want To Make Some Sweet Hot Fire With You

i must have been the only one who liked:

Alicia-Keys-Girl-on-Fire1i didn’t agree with “girl on fire” being the first single.
although i did like the slower version:

don’t judge me.
the album was really what i needed at the time.
when she announced “fire we make” with maxwell would be her next single,
i was excited as hell because i love that song.
well she released the video today…

… and i knew i would love it.
the song is sexy as hell.
the video make me hot.
i like.

x fire we make

lowkey: maxwell looks good.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 7.27.34 PMwhere is that new album maxwell?
i’m waiting baby…

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “I Want To Make Some Sweet Hot Fire With You”

  1. The two songs that I keep on repeat is ‘Listen To Your Heart’ and ‘When It’s All Over’. I like the remix version of ‘Brand New Me’ as well. (She was suppose to come out with a video but that never came to fruition.)

    I love Maxwell. I have heard whispers about him too. I would have him in a minute!

  2. That shit was FUCKING HOT. GOT DAMN. I was out of control before the 2:00 mark. When Alicia started singing I was done.

  3. Girl on Fire was the perfect first single…it got licensed almost immediately. Every thing after that is gravy.

  4. Girl on Fire was irritating. Financially it was a success but that is it. The Fire We Make will be played twenty years from now and be sexy and sultry.

  5. Alicia did that whole album. As a young man coming into my own that album is my life story right now. Alicia and maxwell did that tho. When she put that ice on her tho

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