i didn’t say it.
he did.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 1.20.06 AMi’ll let you watch the video…

he seems very angry.
he seemed bored talking about outing them too.
“i’m gonna out them!
force them out the closet!
then i’m going to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
maybe take a nap.”

he made good points on some of his squealing.
the wolves with wives and girlfriends bit especially.
those idiots tend to be stupid.
they are always so damn paranoid about shit they out here giving diseases.
i consider them to be the devil.

as far as tyler,
i have noticed his foolishness.
 what am i suppose to do?
get mad at him?
what he eat don’t make me shit.
thats tyler’s life.
shit i watch tyler’s movies for free.
yeah i said it.
his movies are so terrible nowadays that he won’t get my money.
did ya’ll see temptation?
madea’s big happy family?

tumblr_mfv8f9QTJD1rmf7n8o1_500maybe i’m not that invested in outing people.
unless it’s hurting someone,
i don’t see the benefit.
am i getting a check?
does my life get an upgrade?
i guess my question is:

when is it right to out someone?

lowkey: that hyena is going to end up with a lawsuit,
a black eye,
or both.

x his youtube channel

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. lol especially with Tyler everyone knows but NO ONE cares, some people are just too overly concerned with the private activities of other individuals…i just never seen the fascination some gay brothas have with outing other men…i think it’s sad actually and i feel it’s why the tension between gays in the black community is so intense, our community has to get better…thanks for sharing as always great article

    1. ^can you do me a favor?
      hi-5 yourself for me.
      you got it.

      this hyena came off so intense.
      like he is about to get some checks for this.
      i can understand the hiv part,
      but to out innocent people because they choose to live in private is selfish.
      this is the reason right here!!!!
      so much ignorance.
      we all know tyler is “something”,
      but tyler is doing him and not hurting anyone so what the hell?
      all alleged, btw.

  2. Aww this nigga need to stfu!
    I saw some of his videos before
    The same sissies who were at that table is the same one he is
    that is clear
    He is not a good writer
    And yes he pimps the black church
    And most blacks
    And we all fall for his shit
    He’s making his money so let him rock, he will get what he has coming
    But this guy sounds jealous to me
    What Tyler does has nothing to do with him
    After temptation he womt be getting any dollars from me as well

    1. ^people are acting like this movie,
      changed their life.
      it came off like another version of the family that preys, imo.

      either way,
      outing tyler perry does what?
      make him write a better plot?
      force him to donate money?
      who knows what ignorant gays he has encountered that made him say “fuck it”.
      we don’t know and outing him won’t do nothing.

      this hyena seems angry and way too invested.

      1. When me and my cousins walked out the theater ppl made it seem like they just experienced an spiritual renewal. Everyone I know who saw it loves it. But just my luck, my mom bday is coming and she wants to see it, so I have to spend more money on Tyler’s inconsistent ass. But hey if it makes moms happy.

        1. ^maybe we blinked and missed the part where he hypnotized everyone into thinking it was a good movie?
          everyone I know loved it.
          they want to argue me to the death about now good and important it was for people to see.
          i must be good because I figured out the movie before the “twists” happen.

  3. I didn’t like the “preachy” tone of “Temptation” He made it seems like HIV was the ultimate punishment for infidelity. I wish Tyler would let someone help him with writing his script. In the past, I felt that he has had good ideas that were not executed well, but he does it all on his own and he’s making millions off of it so he will never change. His ego is too big for that at this point. I agree it’s kinda obvious about him. There is always a half naked man in his movies. Of course his cover is that he is appealing to his largely female audience.

  4. First of all, it’s just a movie.This is not the first movie y’all seen where someone who cheated caught the virus, people need to stop acting brand new. I have seen many movies that ended that way, not to mention the shit does happen in real life too. Build a bridge and get over it. The movie wasn’t the best. It was an hour into the movie and she still nothing with him. I was looking at the time left, and it was only 40 mins left. I’m like “damn when is this shit gonna get good?” It seemed rushed once she got intimate with him, it got too bad too fast.

    As for the dude in the video, we know about Tyler man, tell us something we don’t know. He came off as very gay himself to be talking about Tyler, which brings us something I’ve been meaning to say for a minute. We have talked about men who fake being masculine, but what about the ones who think they are masculine and actually aren’t? Niggas having female mannerisms and think they masc. cause their voices are deep. GTFOH.

    1. AMEN to every thing you just posted, particularly your last 2 lines. Just cause you buff, tatted and tall does not make you masculine. These are some of the same cats that as soon as you show em the D, the skittles fall right out of their mouth. Lol

      1. You feelin me. Niggas using words like chile, honey, and slay and thinking they masc. Nigga get out of here with that shit, you half and half. Those are words that fem guys use. I’m gonna be honest, every friend I got that’s down has something about him that I don’t like. It’s either crazy piercings, word choice, surroundings or mannerisms. I was textin a freind of mine the other day, and he told me “U better werk” When I read that I nearly choked, we are good friends so I didn’t say nothing. I’m very about strict on that word choice shit you guys, esp when you claim to be masc. It’s this guy in my class, he’s a friend of mine, we talk. I know he’s down, and I was thinking I may be able to bring him around everyone, then I was looking at his mannerisms and I was like “oh fuck.” The other day I saw him kickin it with this fem dude who is obvious, I was like “damn.” I wanna surround myself with gay dudes that I can bring around my straight friends and they blend in. I’m not being mean, and I’m not trying to offend anyone at all. I cannot tell a person who they can or cannot be friends with, but they will not bring that funny shit around me.That shit even gets the straight people hipped. Fem guys just make me uncomfortable, I’m sorry. It’s the acting like a female thing that gets to me.

        1. ^dont let that hyena in the video read that.
          lol seriously,
          you have every right to like what you like.
          straight people get to “like what they like”,
          what can’t gays?

          sidebar: im surprised his little admission video about tyler hasn’t gone viral.
          i really want to see what the perry camp has to say.

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