No One Told Me There Woulda Been A Maxwell

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 4.10.08 PMso why ain’t no one tell me thhhhhhhaaaaaattttt…
i was sitting next to maxwell last night?
the r&b legend,
was siting next to me.
i remember this moment clearly via his instagram
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When Did Pleasure P Get So Fine?

tumblr_mu27x6HKRj1s7j642o1_500i mean pleasure p was cute,
but that beard made him look fine as hell.
looking like a younger maxwell or something.
i dig.
never shave.
wear fitteds.

lowkey: does he still make music?

x visit pleasure p on instagram

Are Kerry Rhodes and Maxwell Not Sitting In A Tree?

bosombuddieslow-key: i don’t believe they are fuckin’.
i could be wrong.
if they were fuckin’,
why would they be so obvious?
especially with someone who had the opportunity to “come out” and didn’t.
looking at his track record tho for being obvious tho.
i mean…

i get so many tweets and emails all starting with this one sentence:

“peanut ruined it for us”.

i’m often tempted to say:

“he didn’t ruin shit for me.”

…but now i have to stop and think.
so yesterday maxwell and kerry ( x took a picture ) with a really cheap looking filter.
well all hell broke loose in maxwell’s comment box.
people accused them both of screwing each other.
it’s almost like anyone associated with kerry rhodes is guilty by association.
there was one comment that caught my eye:

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 11.17.37 AM
you can already take a wild guess who this is.
as i read all the slander on ( x that page ),
i couldn’t help but wonder is this all could have been avoided?
now everyone who likes wolves/foxes/or hybrids of a certain status
are questioning if they can still get in where they fit in (or the other way around).
so because of one bitter queen

Has the game been fucked up?

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I Want To Make Some Sweet Hot Fire With You

i must have been the only one who liked:

Alicia-Keys-Girl-on-Fire1i didn’t agree with “girl on fire” being the first single.
although i did like the slower version:

don’t judge me.
the album was really what i needed at the time.
when she announced “fire we make” with maxwell would be her next single,
i was excited as hell because i love that song.
well she released the video today…

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