Are Kerry Rhodes and Maxwell Not Sitting In A Tree?

bosombuddieslow-key: i don’t believe they are fuckin’.
i could be wrong.
if they were fuckin’,
why would they be so obvious?
especially with someone who had the opportunity to “come out” and didn’t.
looking at his track record tho for being obvious tho.
i mean…

i get so many tweets and emails all starting with this one sentence:

“peanut ruined it for us”.

i’m often tempted to say:

“he didn’t ruin shit for me.”

…but now i have to stop and think.
so yesterday maxwell and kerry ( x took a picture ) with a really cheap looking filter.
well all hell broke loose in maxwell’s comment box.
people accused them both of screwing each other.
it’s almost like anyone associated with kerry rhodes is guilty by association.
there was one comment that caught my eye:

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 11.17.37 AM
you can already take a wild guess who this is.
as i read all the slander on ( x that page ),
i couldn’t help but wonder is this all could have been avoided?
now everyone who likes wolves/foxes/or hybrids of a certain status
are questioning if they can still get in where they fit in (or the other way around).
so because of one bitter queen

Has the game been fucked up?

peanut obviously is common folk.
when i went to his ( x instagram ),
it shows he is just that.
from what you can see,
there is nothing but old pictures of his old life.
well no i take that back.
he is now in cahoots with ( x claudia jordan ).
i know, “who?”.
i heard kerry use to fuck her all the way stupid,
so both her and peanut “allegedly” have something in common.
chances are if some shit was to go down,
and peanut’s character was to be really exposed,
would she really still be there for him?
you can already guess the answer to that one.

tumblr_mrdzs7to1e1r3gb3zo1_400honestly i’ve never seen vixens go as hard as peanut is.
they tend to drop everything on the table and keep it moving.
the common queens need to harp on it.
they have to talk about it to anyone who will listen.
this nigga is gonna be 50 years old still talking about it.
tellin that little girl he is always with the life he “had” when the “big baller wolf” spoiled him.
realistically it all shows me he wasn’t use to nothing.
(i could tell with those ugly ass sneakers he likes to wear)
he has no kind of swagg.
all his swagg was rented when he had a little money.
when you aren’t use to a particular lifestyle or dick,
you don’t know how to handle it when it’s taken away.

tumblr_inline_mnd8kmeILq1qz4rgpi always wondered how these rich men end up with these common drama filled folk?
is it the blatant sexuality?
the mouth (in all aspects)?
wanting to “take care of them”?
or is it the “drama” they exude that excites them?
when the relationships ends that’s when the “fun” starts.
the common folk becomes a psychopath or a stalker.
they show us just how common (and crazy) they really are.
i always say look at everyone’s situation and learn something.
in the mess really is a message.
would you act a fool if all the shiny things were suddenly snatched?
would you make instagram pages and start outin’ someone that left you?
or is it all excusable because you were hurt?
in the heat of the moment,
we can turn from balanced to ( x bernadine ) real quick,
but is it really worth it?
ask yourself:

Are you common folk?

“you ain’t got tah lie criag.
you ain’t got tah lie.”ex crazy girlfriend, friday

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “Are Kerry Rhodes and Maxwell Not Sitting In A Tree?”

  1. If Kerry Rhodes and Maxwell are just friends, friends with benefits, hook-up partners or in a relationship–good for them and much happiness to them. That Hollywood guy was wrong for outing Kerry Rhodes–particularly since Kerry Rhodes was so good to him. Kerry Rhodes still has not been picked up by a team and that outing may have cost Rhodes millions of dollars! Here’s a Facebook posting/poster that says that Maxwell is gay/bisexual. If so, good for Maxwell!

  2. Nah, Maxwell and Kerry aren’t an item. Looks like they are just friends nothing more. Maxwell also has to sell an image, and he wouldn’t dare have a relationship with a man who has been in the news for anything else but gay rumors. If so, then he is another dummy. I’m not gonna lie, I’d love to see Maxwell smashing Kerry tho. There are some fine ass men, and Kerry looks like he might have some good cheeks lol.

    Kerry’s career suffered behind the Hollywood scandal. His is only 31 years old, and he is not signed to a single team. He is a solid safety, which means he should be on somebody’s roster. This may sound bad, but he may never play again. Yeah, he has other stuff going on for him, but he wants to play football, and the money from that pays the bills. Kerry is gay or bisexual at the least, no doubt about that.Those NFL teams seen the pics, and watched the situation blow up into something serious, and that there was enough evidence to conclude that he had a sexual, intimate relationship with another man.The NFL knew that players probably heard about it and also seen the pics and realized that if he was signed to a team there would be drama.This type of stuff is a distraction to a team, not to mention the number of players that would have been uncomfortable around him. It became worse when Kerry tried to do damage control by saying that Kim K’s baby could be his, and making up the story that he was getting married. He thought he was making it better for himself but he wasn’t. His own friends even ratted him out and said that all his stories were lies and he was just trying to cover up his own ass.

    Judging by the pics Kerry loved Hollywood, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. He fucked around and got burned, and it’s to the point of no return. I feel bad because Kerry probably never thought Hollywood would do that to him. On some real shit, I want to know if he likes masculine brothers as well. If he does, then why didn’t he just go ahead and get with a masc dude who had just as much to lose as he did? That’s how most discreet and downlow men play the game. Find a masc man who has just as much to lose so if the relationship goes sour no one has to worry about being outed. I didn’t think of it at first, but I know why he choose not to come out, it was because of his career. It really didn’t matter because the pics tell the story, he didn’t have to say a word. Don’t be surprised if he comes out around 10 years from now when he is too old to play.

    1. A few months ago Ravens player Brendon Ayanbadejo who is also a Gay Rights ( Marriage Equality) Activist stated he was in talks with multiple Gay NFL players.He was hopeful that a few would come out possibly as a small of four.There was a lot of chatter about a NFL player coming out.NFL said they would support said player.I believe these players saw how Kerry Rhodes career was derailed by just rumors, strong rumors, of being Gay.That they reconsidered risking their career.I believe Gay NBA players are waiting to see how Jason Collins is treated this season before they come out.
      I wonder what will happen first, A Gay already established mainstream rapper or a NFL player.Which one will Come Out first? I say the NFL player

      1. I feel bad for the NBA and NFL athletes out there who are gay. There is more pressure on them because most of them are black. The pressure they they have on them is something serious. From being judged by teammates to all their skeletons falling out of their closet. After games the teams go to strip clubs and parties and hang out and fuck women. When you are around high profile people and women are involved you have to engage in it without being suspected. I’m sure some of them have took pills to get hard and perform just to prove something to their peers and to hide their sexuality .That has happened before with athletes, we just don’t know who. I can’t imagine how that would make someone feel to have to sleep with women and really don’t want to.

  3. This Peanut person is way too pressed. That dick must have been fire. To answer the question, i wouldn’t out anyone. I would have saved some money to hold me over

  4. Kerry made a mistake trusting a queen. He thought it would have his back. Hollywood blocked me on the love bottoms Instagram because i said he was a dirty bitch with ugly teeth and will never fuck another rich dick again. DEAD

  5. I just went to that NFL Kerry page. It’s naked pics of Kerry on there that were just posted. OMG This is getting far out of control. I can’t help but to feel sorry for him.

    1. This story was on Lipstick, Alley a couple days ago.The cousin is trifling if she is his cousin.The GF story is susp no sex for 2 years , so she is idiot? The guy you are dating doesnt want to have sex with you ,Clueless

  6. RACOON!!!!!

    If this was the 90s, no one would know who this unfortunate looking man was. He gets to play hard on social media because its free. Too bad his publicity is free and he won’t get a dime from his slander. It’s really sad that you can’t even break up with someone without your business being thrown out there!!! Rich or not, this happens to everyone.

    Not everyone can handle being a rich man’s mister/mistress. It takes a certain set of balls. These young gays out here want it all, but can’t handle it. They just want to be like Beyonce or whatever diva they worship, but there is more to the lifestyle than meeting a Jay Z and living happily ever after. Being with a man, any man, is HARD and until people learn to be for them as play the game, they will always be Peanuts fucking it all up.

  7. I forgot to add this before I posted my last – I’m starting to think women were right when it comes to dating men. It ain’t all it’s cracked up to be!!! This could happen to Joe Blow who works at a Fortune 500 company as well. It use to be pussy, but sex will forever be the man’s downfall.

  8. We wonder why the black athletes that keep coming out run to white dudes.Well, Kerry was outed, despite what the bitter queen who outed him says/thinks.I would’ve treated Kerry like a King and I never would’ve outed him.Some people just don’t know how lucky are.They don’t appreciate shit… fuckers.

  9. Is it bad that I really really HATE this hollywood guy? Jamari you’re right….Based on his instagram he really has nothing going for him in life anymore. He lost his life of luxury, and all he has left are the memories……that he keeps posting over and over again. Kerry doesn’t deserve this. The troll thinks his personality will get him far…but he’s lying to himself. He’s lame. Not funny. No style. Not even cute.

    I don’t know if it’s too late to be picked up by a team, but I wish the very best for Kerry. Hopefully it works out. IF he is gay…and IF he decides to come out, people are going to want to hear his story. He’s handsome, and comes off as a nice guy. This could really be lucrative for him if he gets the right people around him.

  10. LOL, Hollywood is trying to say he’s dating Jason Collins now:

    mr__hoollywood about 5 hours ago
    Lol Kerry has so much more coming to him bc @MR__HOOLLYWOOD has a show!!!!!!!!! They say it’s about to go down!!!! Kerry dates maxwell now & hollywood dates Jason.

    mr__hoollywood about 6 hours ago
    @destitutes know this is not hollywood….how ever it’s a lot more to come @maxwell @MR__HOOLLYWOOD @Kerryrhodes….Kerry dating maxwell & hollywood is dating Jason Collins……more to come!

    This bitch is desperate, but no-one gives a shit anymore. Yes, he is living on the past, posting old pics from the glamorous life he used to live.

  11. That is a crafty queen. According that page, they somehow got his old cell phone and have a ton more pics.

    This is going to get very messy.

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