Kerry Rhodes Is Now Role-Playing As Batman?


Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 6.34.38 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-09 at 6.38.50 PM
kerry rhodes…
does anyone else see the arm and chest?
the veins?
tumblr_ljni23toKF1qb6110o1_250jesus forgive the thoughts i have.
i want to play a little game with him since he likes superheros and all.
“batman rescues the helpless fox”.
location: my bedroom.
…or his.
i’m not picky.

lowkey: i’d rather see kerry as batman than ben affleck.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Kerry Rhodes Is Now Role-Playing As Batman?”

  1. I hear Kerry and Frank Ocean (not as a couple) may attend John Legend’s wedding in Lake Como, Italy.Frank is in London now

  2. Hollywood’s Instagram is mr__hoollywood. he throws little shade at Kerry and is good friends with Claudia Jordan now. This is what happens when you mess with a messy queen smh.

  3. that Hollywood guy is blackmailing a ton of athletes right now. Ray Lewis, James Harrison, Cam Newton, and a bench rider I forgot the name. he fucked it up for everyone with his girl games.

  4. Maxwell just posted a pic with Kerry a couple hours ago and some of his followers are going OFF. lol. For the record I’m here for BOTH of them.

    1. They’re fucking. DAMN! Sike nawl. I think it’s just an innocent pic. Kerry has straight friends. Don’t you guys have straight friends? Yes I have heard about Maxwell, and even if he is gay, it doesn’t mean Kerry is smashing. I don’t sleep with my gay friends.

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