everyone in your relationships are the problem once you’re (ben) affleck-ted

here are two red flags some people don’t ever notice from others.
this is the first one for content creators:

Be careful of people who claim to be cool with you,
but the moment you say something they don’t agree with,
suddenly they turn on you.
They start making shady comments and being lowkey nasty.
I’ve encountered that A LOT in the foxhole.
Folks who are cool with me until I write about something/someone they like.

“And this is why you’re ugly and your mother is dead in hell.”

this is why it takes me a while to warm up people now.
you gotta prove you’re genuine even if we don’t see eye to eye.
the second thing is:

People who are constantly the victims in a breakup.

ben affleck showed me what a red flag he is when he leaves a relationship via “tmz”…

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Ben Affleck Might Be Giving Back His “Batman” Cape

my spirit won’t let me watch the “batman vs superman” movie.
i’m just not feelin it for some reason.
i love batman,
but i just don’t feel like ben affleck will do it justice for me.
this is all in my head.
well rumor has it today,
ben may not be returning to reprise his role as batman.
this is what the a.v. club had to say…
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Gone Fox

tumblr_inline_n606w1T3tM1qbo4d8i guess this is phase 2 of the flu.
coughing and tiredness.
well it couldn’t stop me from seeing “gone girl” last night.
“gone girl” is based on the successful book by gillian flynn.
i didn’t read the book yet,
but everyone i have come in contact with has read this book.
when i said i was going to see the movie opening night,
i got alot of:




…mostly from snow bunnies.
i saw the trailer a while ago,
i think on youtube or something,
and it intrigued me like it was going to be something epic.
it stars ben affleck,
rosamund pike,
neil patrick harris,
and tyler perry.
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Jimmy Kimmel Allegedly Fuckin’ Ben Affleck? I Read That Correctly?

WHOAKANYE!life always stops when ye goes on an epic rant.
this time he is going off on jimmy kimmel about a spoof he did.
he also dropped something in his rant about ben affleck i didn’t see coming.
so it all started because of this…

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Kerry Rhodes Is Now Role-Playing As Batman?


Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 6.34.38 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-09 at 6.38.50 PM
kerry rhodes…
does anyone else see the arm and chest?
the veins?
tumblr_ljni23toKF1qb6110o1_250jesus forgive the thoughts i have.
i want to play a little game with him since he likes superheros and all.
“batman rescues the helpless fox”.
location: my bedroom.
…or his.
i’m not picky.

lowkey: i’d rather see kerry as batman than ben affleck.