everyone in your relationships are the problem once you’re (ben) affleck-ted

here are two red flags some people don’t ever notice from others.
this is the first one for content creators:

Be careful of people who claim to be cool with you,
but the moment you say something they don’t agree with,
suddenly they turn on you.
They start making shady comments and being lowkey nasty.
I’ve encountered that A LOT in the foxhole.
Folks who are cool with me until I write about something/someone they like.

“And this is why you’re ugly and your mother is dead in hell.”

this is why it takes me a while to warm up people now.
you gotta prove you’re genuine even if we don’t see eye to eye.
the second thing is:

People who are constantly the victims in a breakup.

ben affleck showed me what a red flag he is when he leaves a relationship via “tmz”…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “everyone in your relationships are the problem once you’re (ben) affleck-ted”

  1. There is a movie leak where you can see and he “allegedly” is working with a beast. When I find it, I got you.

  2. Two types of individuals I’ve learned to never trust are anyone who is always the hero or always the victim in their stories.

    Honest self reflection and positive change is easy but one of the hardest thing for folk to do.

  3. He is a drunk, bless his heart. JLo is about ten seconds away from kicking him to the curb—if she hasn’t done so already. Bless his heart.

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