The Universe knows all so don’t question why things happen

i will never question The Universe and why things happen the way they do.
there is always a reason.
last night,
i felt like i was coming down with a cold or something.
my nose was getting stuffy and my head was starting to detach.
i had to wonder if i caught the rona after going to get a cut and taking off my mask.

I had to meet up with The Pretty Vixen

she is leaving to go overseas and wanted to give me a christmas present.
i was supposed to be out the door at 11 am,
but i woke up at around 10:30 am.

It wasn’t happening.

crazy enough,
she texted me asking to reschedule since her job has been driving her crazy since she logged on.
i was expecting a package that was supposed to be delivered friday.
in a text,
they told me ups canceled my shipping label so my delivery was up in the air.
i’ve been in a whatever mood so:



this morning,
the package came through usps.

if i would have left to meet the pretty vixen,
who knows when i would have gotten the package.
i live in the hood.
once you miss a delivery,
it’s hell to get it back again.
i had a feeling inside to stay in the crib today too.
something did not want me to leave today.
i guess i know why.

lowkey: my friend moe was thinking about me.
we sorta fell off from texting as much as we were.
i legit felt her thinking about me when we weren’t talking.
so many things reminded me of her that i kept saying i needed to reach out.
that was my answer on when i’m really thinking about someone heavy,
they are doing the same.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “The Universe knows all so don’t question why things happen”

  1. We have those instincts and abilities to sense certain things and when we listen to those thoughts it makes life a little easier.

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