christian walker is suffering while rich because joe biden raised gas prices

i love when jackals are loud and wrong.
christian walker is usually loud and wrong.

he is the son of retired nfl baller wolf,
herschel walker.
he is a maga minion who claims is a free speech radicalist.
he is quoted as saying black folks are more racists than whites.

So you already know he is “one of them”.

our “loud and wrong” jackal went off on how expensive gas prices are because he hates joe biden,
but peep the hoodie in his video…

he claims the price of gas is “divisive to his bank account and hard-earned money”,
but he is rocking a givenchy hoody that is close to 1300.
i hate when “rich” people make these types of complaints.
he is not the working-class single mother of 2 who can have these complaints.
he is the product of nepotism that will probably be a “cock slut whore” for a juicy bbc.
does he do charity work?
are his ears and feets to the streets?
or is he a social media warrior who isn’t cultured past ig and twitter posts?

things are expensive af right now.
we can blame the pandemic for setting us back a few.
they probably had to inflate things for all the shit thats been going on.

Everyone is in the struggle right now.

we don’t need some pretentious spoilt dweeb to remind us,
those who don’t have daddy’s money to fall back on,
that he can’t put his extra fixings in his daily starbucks.
we don’t need to be reminded he is a “rich bitch” who is suffering because he can’t fill up his mercedes.
so i need him to put his gas in his car that he probably didn’t earn himself


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…and shut the entire fuck up.

…and why is he always yelling like his life has been personally affected by this shit?
he looks like he wouldn’t be caught dead with anyone poor.
i’m confused as to his “point”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “christian walker is suffering while rich because joe biden raised gas prices”

    1. He looks like the type that refuses to douche before sex. When the brown frostiing stinks up the room he looks like ” I didn’t do nothing”. The energy surrounding this peon is swollen with entitlement and volumes of self hate. Just go away!

      1. I checked his IG and he is a whole trip. He loves attention, that’s why he says stupid stuff. To me, he is out of touch and out of line.

  1. They all have this “weird energy” that I find very disturbing.

    Its the same energy that I get from Nazis, The KKK. Pedophiles, Serial Killers and Anti- Vaxers..


  2. He like candance know that being black conservatives give them more attention than being a black liberal. They are opportunitist, attention seeking, money grubbers.

  3. Somebody needs to tell this Lil Spoiled Girl that Conservative Right Wing Evangelical MAGAT’s do not like homosexuals, I think he may be confused about how they feel about Gays. His parents did a piss poor job raising him. Of course his poor mother was dodging guns and knives and no doubt fist during her marriage to his abusing daddy Herschel, so they had little time to teach him any real values. I am sure he discounts his Black side of the family back in Georgia and never mentions them when he is going on his rants. It is going to be delicious when he gets his Ni**a Wake Up Call. The Universe will always humble ugly hearted beings.

  4. That hoody is from Givenchy not Balenciaga but still expensive & not worth the overinflated price like him lol.. I’ve seen this guy before. He did a talk w/another IGer who is Democrat but IDR who. He is so ignorant, it’s typical Maga behavior. He’s such a clown. Did you see his latest interview where he is asked to give examples & says there’s tons but he can’t think of any? Clown town baby lol

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