niykee heaton is gonna be her own damn king without jeff logan?

if a situationship isn’t working,
why do the straights love bringing more kids into the dysfunction?
i guess it’s constant arguments,
tons of makeup sex,
“oops, whoopsy baby”,
and then a cute co-parenting.
i was shocked when foxhole fav,
jeff logan aka jeff loagz,
and niykee heaton got spiritually connected.
from the pictures and videos,
you’d think they were a cute couple expecting their first kid together.
i heard there was a lot of bts drama within that situation that wasn’t being posted tho.
it seems she is expecting their second kid but without him this time…


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“my own damn king”.
i’d be so embarrassed to even post something like this after all the relationship grandstanding.
jeff’s last post:


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the prada baby bag flex.
even tho he looks like a good fwb,
gym goals,
and motivational morning texts

…he looks like he’d a monster after a breakup.

She should have kept this off of socials.

…because he doesn’t look like he is phased.
the male always looks like he is living his best life no matter the destruction in the background.
if she gets back with him because you know she will,
she is gonna look like the idiot who likes being his breeding machine.
if he introduces his audience to some new vixen he has been banging on the side

it’ll be on cue like everyone else in these social media co-parenting situationships.

lowkey: did jeff speak all baby mama drama into existence?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “niykee heaton is gonna be her own damn king without jeff logan?”

  1. He lowkey just used her. She was his client and she built his followers. I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that’s when he started with the supplements.

    This might sound crazy coming from a black man, but these white women today need to take a cue from the ones that came before them. Sample the BBC, but don’t get caught up and ruin your privilege lol.

    Now she’s saddled with two biracial kids, a baby daddy who flexes for the gram but doesn’t have a real, discernible career, and I’m sure a family saying “we told you so” lol

    1. Whew it may sound harsh but it needed to be said.
      I’ve seen first hand how white women having these biracial babies ruin their privilege, unless their ex husband is some ultra rich sports star.

      She’ll be okay and he’ll continue to dog these white womenz….

      1. Like these biracial kids with their black father not in the home are a damn epidemic now lol

        I thought ol girl was foreign but turns out she was born in Chicago! I know her daddy is heated! 😂😂😂

        Sad to say, but ain’t no respectable white man touching no white woman that has mixed kids. They don’t even like to know their woman have sexed a black man, but to have evidence of it to the world with a child? Nope.

        He’s gonna go on to have at least 3 more biracial kids. Watch lol

        1. ^ What does race have to do with anything? She just another single mother. And what makes you think she would want a white man anyway? If you can’t tell, that not what she’s into! Lol

        2. it’s not just a biracial kids thing. It also happening to tons of black kids. also you don’t have to worry about white men finding her attractive. it’s whether she finds white men attractive and jokes you on she doesn’t. worry about your own community instead of being in black men’s business. I can smell the bitterness from over here. even if Jeff and Nikki don’t get back together. Their tons of successful family-oriented black men in the world that she can date. her options are unlimited.

    2. ^ he looks like a life ruiner in all honesty.
      i think she got caught up in his “NY” behavior.
      that can be addictive to out-of-towners.
      those of us from ny know how his kind operates.

      long term fuckin in-between relations.

  2. Just a reminder All that Love and Smiles ain’t real on Instagram. Sad thing is there are people that care about these peoples business. The celebrity culture is worse than the damn virus. Good for both of them. Some Men love pussy but hate women.

    1. This part! Harpo, who is dese peoples?!?! I know I’m completely out of the social media loop, and I know some ppl have gone on to become IG ‘models’ (I still can’t w that title…) but idk that IG ‘celebs’ biz had them caught up in the blog streets like that. They might as well drop some albums at this point.

          1. She sounds no different than these other chicks on the radio today, surprised she’s not big. straight up studio singer.

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