He Brought His Unexpected Package To Me

when i get down,
i need to really realize that i’m loved.
there are some pretty great folks in my life who care about me.
when you add on the foxhole,
it’s a serious blessing.
so one of my good home wolves said he had something to give me.
we haven’t seen each other in a minute so i said come through.
he said he would swing my job after work to bring it to me.

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I Guess I Won’t Be Handling His Package Anytime Soon

tumblr_l383b1ahfd1qak053o1_1280so it’s done.
the new mailroom wolf and i.
duecez up.
this is what happened
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Would You Let Him Handle Your Package?

11856639_952219654842404_1871872796_n_zps1pabxozhave you seen some of the animals who deliver your mail?
well if not,
you need to start.
lately ive been seeing some sexy package carriers.
well check out what one of the wolf-bi sent me…
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Free Snacks and Video Games

1361218160640039i had to curse out a post office worker today….
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His Eyes Were Watching My Ass?

5882131728_3538c90aba_large who has done this?
not joe jonas silly.
im talkin about what joe jonas allegedly did in the following clip…

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A Package Sent From Africa

So I’m feeling a delivery man.
I’m not sick.
Not my usual tax bracket, right? LOL

Anyway, I’m not talking about the fat Mexican man delivering goods to the local bodega around then corner from my crib.
I’m talking about this sexy ass  African dude rocking a big body…

… and I ain’t talking about the truck….

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