His Eyes Were Watching My Ass?

5882131728_3538c90aba_large who has done this?
not joe jonas silly.
im talkin about what joe jonas allegedly did in the following clip…

hmmmi’ve done that move plenty of times.
sometimes i see a fine wolf and gots to check out the package/booty on the low.
even a vixen with a huge ass.
oh don’t ack like you never looked.
over the years,
ive got my leering under control.
i get intimidated to look at straight wolf im attracted to in his eyes.
sometimes i feel he can tell and it makes me nervous.
i can’t tell you the amount of “straight” wolves i caught doing ^that tho.
i guess it’s true when they say the “eyes” don’t lie.

9 thoughts on “His Eyes Were Watching My Ass?

  1. LMAO!!!! i make that move every now and then, and that made him go out of space and come back , and btw he has no girlfriend . i wish it was me we would be signing autographs in the toitles while he is bagging my ass .lol

  2. Agreed! Nice catch Jamari. You be on it. I saw that look too. Hopefully people who view this video don’t Scare him into paranoia and run him away from us altogether. Lol

    1. I think this video is like a year or two old. I still see him walking around West Hollywood in extremely tight jeans every now and again. We didn’t scare him. 🙂

  3. Oh shit! Look at those eyes. I see you Joe. I’ve looked at niggas like that and I wanted to bang the hell out of them. He even nudged his nose to hide the fact he was peeping dude.

    Is it just me…or is Joe beautiful as hell tho? He really has a pretty face, and the body isn’t bad at all. He seems very nice too, which is a plus. I’d cuff him. *sigh* He is so pretty.

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