young ma ain’t look too good right now

when we are young,
some of us live a very fast life.
we drink,
and party with no apologies.

All of that can catch up with us as we get older.

young ma is no stranger to living a fast life.
she likes to have a good time but it seems it’s catching up

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Look Into My Eyes (Tell Me What You See)“you look sad.
your eyes always look sad.”

thats what thing 2 said to me today.
hell thats what a lot of people say to me.
i faked a smile.
i always do.
honestly speaking…
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Tiny Got Everyone Out Here Wanting To Be “Ghastly Grey”

1414771541970_wps_4_Tameka_Tiny_Harris_Undergtiny has started a movement.
she gonna have people getting their passports,
and ebola shots,
up to date just to africa to get ( x their eye color changed ).
you know this is serious when she gets on good morning america…
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His Eyes Were Watching My Ass?

5882131728_3538c90aba_large who has done this?
not joe jonas silly.
im talkin about what joe jonas allegedly did in the following clip…

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Frankie Got That Eeyore Eye Swagg Going On

tumblr_mnhfwqTP2f1r8zyc5o1_1280awww frankie looks sad.
his eyes certainly tell it.
apparently he uploaded this picture to his tumblr recently and quickly erased it.
for someone who has a grammy,
doing production for jay and kanye,
doing a lot better than his “before”,
and i’m sure exposed to a better kind of meat…
…well then again.
he always looks just over it.
i wonder whats going on with frankie?
he should go “dark illuminati lite” next album.
like so:

tumblr_msybpdiYFz1qhbn7lo1_500that would actually be interesting.

x visit his tumblr here

The Brand New Light Skinned Wolf To Hit The Pleasure Hole


eyes like deVane.
tats like arquez… and deVane.
lips like steven beck.
hype like george hill.
thirst trap like them all.
everyone one meet official young new.
this new york wolf has put in his bid to de-throne the other wolves.
i think he has a good shot…

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