LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER: Battle of The Pretty Face Edition (42)

remember ol boy from this entry: LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER (41)
seems like he toned it down.
i was actually really interested in the answers in that entry.
i saw another who i wanted to ask about a while back.
so i said, self:
“why not mesh them together + 2 more for a little challenge…”

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Your Face of Total Despair

This is about the scariest thing I have ever seen.
This isn’t a “GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER” mini video.
Sadly, she can’t see it.
I feel it is way to late for her to even get back to how she was.
You can see where she started going wrong

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The Pain Behind The Happy Fox’s Eyes

No one truly knows the pain that can go on behind Foxes eyes.

This is dedicated to my Foxes out there in the struggle…

I am a proud Fox, but I am in constant battle within myself.
I am not scared to be honest because honesty is always the best policy around dese parts.
Trust me when I say though that I have been all 4 of these issues:

Sometimes, we have no one to talk too.
Sometimes, we have so much hurt that we do not want to talk at all.
Some of us have been used as sexual playthings to satisfy the desire of unsure Wolves.
While others have never been touched and dream of being rescued from our lonely dens.

Which Fox are you?

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If eyes are the window to the soul…

…then I must have my curtains down.

Seriously, I am so bad at eye contact.
I do a lot of looking off and looking to the side when I am speaking to someone.
I am also terrible at the whole Wolf eye fuckin’ thing too.
I never could get it right and when I do, I feel like I am being obvious as hell.
I am sure they think I’m stuck up or not interestedand the latter isn’t the case.
A lot of people are naturals at this eye fuckin’ thing, but I am such a bad eye fuck.

How do you get them to cum to you with your eyes?

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The Love-able Too Damn Touchy-Feely Straight Wolf.

On another episode of “Whose Side Are U On“….

Everyone meet The Love-able Too Damn Touchy-Feely Straight Wolf!
Lurking at your local library, college, job, or neighborhood.
He is one loveable sketchy character.

You are always left wondering…

Does he want the cookie?

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