The Love-able Too Damn Touchy-Feely Straight Wolf.

On another episode of “Whose Side Are U On“….

Everyone meet The Love-able Too Damn Touchy-Feely Straight Wolf!
Lurking at your local library, college, job, or neighborhood.
He is one loveable sketchy character.

You are always left wondering…

Does he want the cookie?

Let me speak to my D/L or Discreet Foxes out there.
Maybe my Wolves have dealt with this issue with Foxes also.

Have you ever met a straight dude,
well straight UNTIL proven gay,
that was just too damn friendly?

He doesn’t know about you.
He probably suspects if he is acting the way he does.

Guilty of:

Staring deeply in your eyes like he is eye fucking you
Eyes light up when he sees you
Always wants to stand next to you or finds ways to be around you
Tries to find ways to be alone with you

Finds a way for some limb to touch youWants to fuck a Vixen with you/in-front of you
Not afraid to be naked in-front of you

He talks about pussy this and pussy that
and in some cases you KNOW he is getting it…

….but whenever he comes around you,
the mothafucka just leaves you CONFUSED????

The Love-able Too Damn Touchy-Feely Straight Wolf.

Jamari has had a couple of those.
I mean, to the point I found myself being attracted to them
even when they spoke “straight” talk.


If you ever find yourself meeting on of these jokers,
keep your feelings OUT of their actions.
They may just see you as a real good friend.
Not every dude you meet will be gay/bi/or tri.
Sometimes dudes see REAL within you and like your spirit.
It will leave you in a tangled web that you may never be able to get out of.
If they do get down, they will do it on their terms.
That is how you get caught up.


or if you are a WEREWOLF,
Ask the mothafucka if he wants to smash or not.
I mean Trix are for kids and you are WAY over the age limit.
Sometimes these dudes need a little push.
We will talk about that later on…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “The Love-able Too Damn Touchy-Feely Straight Wolf.”

  1. Ikr. I have too many of these lurkin in my woods j. I jus don’t understand it at times ESP one who I came out n told him wat it is n it’s still the same we flirt talk bout sex n other issues but dude b giving out in codes n I am not bout to come on to him. It’s very depressing!

  2. I know plenty of those as well. Men that seem too friendly even when they know about me. I do keep it movin’, though, but I still wonder. Even with my good friend, her boyfriend is sometimes a little too friendly. I feel like he is trying to hook me or test me. I refuse to entertain it…can’t have that type of karma in my life. At my job, the men seem a little to friendly. I’m the only American there. Everyone is from the Caribbean or a Spanish speaking country. I know that alone is grounds suspect. I keep it moving though.

    You always know the right time to put a subject out there.

    1. Outside of America men are more secure with their masculinty and think nothing of being touchy/feely.

      1. i apologize if i offended anyone with that statement. i’m sure that may be true. I’m speaking from my experience in NY and personal incidents.

      2. no offense taken….. when the hot arab barista at Caribou grabs your right shoulder when walking by as a greeting ….. hmmmmmmm

  3. I have straight friends, who treat me like a female friend, If we go to the gym, they ask me to hold the bags and watch them play, or If I’m out, they call to “check” on me, as if I could get hurt shopping. I know this all seems normal, but even when we all get into a argument, or debate about something, if i don’t call them first, they take it as me being mad at them and they call and apologize, it’s crazy, love em to death tho!

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