The Day A Fox Went Down

Well my season gave me a wonderful present that laid me the fuck out.
I mean I got laid out so good that I got a headache from all the pounding.

Foxes and Wolves,
I got fucked, but not the way you would have imagined.

So this Christmas for me was a bust.
I had the worst toothache that kept me in bed for half the day.
It was like my head wanted to detach itself from my body,
my tooth would have hopped out,
and they would have scrapped til it was last body part standing.

I had my money on my head cause my tooth is acting like a bitch.

I was invited to my family’s house but I know:

1 – It was going to be loud and my poor head couldn’t handle that. I woulda damn near threw everyone out the fuckin’ window.

2 – I can’t even eat so I would have sat there eye fuckin’ the hell out of the food. It would have taken one person to say how good the food was for them to wear that good food.

3 – I am pretty cranky (can’t you tell?) so I would have been “Donny Downer” the hour or two I woulda been there. I would cabbed it back to my crib without an official goodbye.

So I stayed in…..
popped in a couple movies (Thank GOD for Netflix Stream),
and pretended it was just another day in the Concrete Forest.
I am almost finished reading “Basketball Jones”
and my review will be up as soon as I’m done.

These are the times I wish I was rich.
This would have been taken care of with one phone call.
…Or, if had a rich sponsor.


… and then that niggum drops a stack and WAH-LAH!
(or some great drugs to keep me sedated)

But this little Fox will pop some Aleve and think positive.
I hope all my Foxes and Wolves had a great day.

Now if you’ll excuse me,
I’m going to pray for the 55th time the pain goes away.


Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “The Day A Fox Went Down”

  1. a simple an inexpensive solution to the tooth …
    1)Hydro-proxcide: gargle with it often
    2)Cologate total paste…. has to be the paste and apply it liberally around the tooth and gum on both sides constantly.

  2. aww that sucks balls, but in a bad way! i wish i could have gotten my stockin stuffed but I guess we’re in the same boat. I need to start off my new year right! I have to get some pipe!

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