Ow! + Wah! (Apple Pie A La Mode)

the hell??????….
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foXXX: Is This What “Not Enjoying Your Penis” Looks Like?

tumblr_masmrexOML1qhe3fh^that’s the face of what “enjoying your penis” looks like.
“oh fuck yes.”
“damn that shit is so good.”
“god i want to have your fuckin’ kids.”
sometimes even:
“god you fuckin stupid ass ignorant piece of….
oooooooooh you fuck me so damn stupid.”
“i may let him nut on my face or swallow it”.
i personally love that face.
well some vixens and foxes don’t know that face well.
as a wolf…
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f0XXX: Assault With A Deadly Penis

bangbangbangso foxes check the scenario.
wolves i know you can relate.
you talkin to a wolf,
teasin’ him in texts,
sending him booty pics,
and the whole 9 yards.
“ima put it on you.”
that’s what you sayin to him.
well ya’ll hook up after drivin’ him crazy and:


this fox in this foxxx clearly learned the hard way…

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Jamari Fox Is A Dumbass. Yes, You Read Right.

so i’ve been going to the gym.
gold star.
i have been on my gym flow,
almost every morning,
and i feel good and i feel energized.
i bought all kinds of healthy food to start the process.
i didn’t realize how expensive it was going to be,
but i  took everything you guys said to me seriously.
of course nothing stays perfect for long…

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f0x Asks: Baby My Back, Thighs, and Ass Is Kinda Sore….


…for those watching the game right now.
here is a quick question…

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How Can I Be Over You, But I Still Keep Going Back?

…or is it?

There comes a time when you realize “this thing we have” is over.
There are many ways to tell:

Looking at the other person and realizing they don’t make you smile anymore.
Seeing every flaw and negative thing they do.
That face you once loved starts to bother you.
The thought of their existence makes your blood pressure start to rise.

So, why do we hold on?
Why do we still keep that grasp on someone that we know we should be letting go of?
Why do we allow them to cause us pain, when they are to selfish an self absorbed to realize?
I started to wonder…

Why do we make it so hard to let go,
when the other person is already gone?

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