Ow! + Wah! (Apple Pie A La Mode)

the hell??????….

so i felt a lot better today.
i think.
i thought.
okay so as i’m waiting for this week’s episode of the game,
i decided to turn the nets vs rockets game on.
i get comfortable,
make me some apple pie a la mode,
and browse my entertainment sites.
tumblr_mbugv6DHAy1ro8ysbo1_500why come my stomach hurts again?
it keeled over with the worst cramp!!!!i had chicken soup today for lunch and drank a lot of liquids.
i’m vex!

lowkey: am i being a doofus?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Ow! + Wah! (Apple Pie A La Mode)

  1. I don’t understand.What would make us think you’re being a doofus?


    You putting “Why come” makes me think of this Asian dude from a fashion designer competition reality show that said “Here Go Hell Come.”

  2. I know that apple pie and ice cream is good. I eat sweet potato pie and ice cream tho, usually hits the spot.

    Hope you feel better man.

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