I’m Really High

tumblr_n057sjuOEJ1qkv5xlo1_500when you’re on your high flying disk,
expect random things to happen out the blue.
things you didn’t anticipate to happen just happens.
like today for instance…

so my stomach issues from last night appeared to have died down.
thank god for that.
my money issues however…
so i was sitting at my desk,
twiddling my thumbs,
and thinking about food.
i kept thinking about my mouth biting into some meat.
grilled or roasted (i’m not picky),
my appetite started racing back like it was named “sea biscuit”.
problem is,
this is rent week and i’m on a serious budget.
no really.
super tight budget.
the rental office is already giving me an attitude because i was short last month.
so thing 2 tells me there is a delivery for me at the front desk.


Mike_confusedwhat i was thinking was:

“i didn’t order anything from online.

i really wasn’t expecting anything so i was confused.
when i went to the desk,
i had a food delivery from hale and hearty.
for those that don’t know,
they specialize in soups and sandwiches.
well my boss ordered me a chicken soup and grilled chicken club.
she also ordered thing 2 a sandwich as well.
how nice of her?
i couldn’t thank her since she left 20 minutes before to go off site,
but i sent her a email ASAP!
god heard my cries and my high flying disk delivered.
i love when they both work together.
i must be getting my blessings on back order.

tumblr_mo6vw2QNF41sp9fcho1_500…and i’m expecting more good things to happen.

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “I’m Really High”

  1. See, posts like this one make me sooooo happy to be a part of your journey! Go ‘head J!

    1. ^you’re making yourself miserable.
      no one else is making you miserable.
      you have to make the decision you are going to start your life over.
      write it down,
      start reading/listening to good material,
      and decide your new life starts today or tomorrow.
      whenever you are ready.
      don’t fall victim to life and its bs.

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