The Answer I Wasn’t Expecting

artworks-000055801220-8k7d6i-originalever since i started riding my high flying disk,
life has been a lot different than before.
i’ve mentioned some of the things that have happened since i started flying.
i ask a question and the universe provides me an answer.
no lines; no waiting.
just how i like it.
so you know that entry from yesterday?
the one where i was acting like a complete whore over this wolf?
oh you judgin’,
mr. virgin?
oh ok.

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I’m Really High

tumblr_n057sjuOEJ1qkv5xlo1_500when you’re on your high flying disk,
expect random things to happen out the blue.
things you didn’t anticipate to happen just happens.
like today for instance…
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Cum Fly High With Me

rocket-launchso i’ve mentioned that life and i are getting along.
in this entry ( x my boss gave me a cologne ),
ricky bobby asked:

“whats the high flying disk?
my life is in shambles…help me out jamari?
what is it?”

well ever since then,
ive actually been thinking how to put it into words.
“how do i explain the high flying disk without looking like a lunatic.”
well you know i’m not scared of looking crazy.
this is for all those who want to fly high…
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