Cum Fly High With Me

rocket-launchso i’ve mentioned that life and i are getting along.
in this entry ( x my boss gave me a cologne ),
ricky bobby asked:

“whats the high flying disk?
my life is in shambles…help me out jamari?
what is it?”

well ever since then,
ive actually been thinking how to put it into words.
“how do i explain the high flying disk without looking like a lunatic.”
well you know i’m not scared of looking crazy.
this is for all those who want to fly high…

i want you to try something for me.
right now.
i want you to close your eyes.
don’t close them just yet.
you have to read what i want you to do first.
okay so before you close them,
i want you to think about how you feel if you had everything you wanted.
imagine how you would feel if you had everything you want.
what would make you happy right now.
do you feel kinda happy already?
do you believe it?
okay great.
now close your eyes and imagine it for a quick second.

clock-6that feeling you had is what being on your high flying disk feels like.
its no secret that what you think about you pretty much bring about.
if you think your life is hell and everyone is against you,
whatchu think you are bringing into your life?
sure shit will go wrong on your life.
you won’t be in a great mood everyday.
trust i was in a bad mood the other day,
but i still was in a good place within the mood.
i didn’t let it take over my mind so i was able to snap out of it real quick.
not everything needs a temper tantrum,
not everyone needs that attitude,
and that bitterness you been spillin out on everyone…

its feeling happy about the now.
not the next week.
not the next month.
the now.
feel good NOW.
its not complicated.
its not magic tricks or voodoo.
i deserve what i want.
you do as well.
i think about what i want daily and because of that,
my life is leading me right to it.
my luck has changed.
i’m attracting people to me left and right.
i think about something and i get it an answer on how to get it.
so either you want to feel happy or you want to feel like shit.
i choose happiness,
believing i deserve better,
knowing the wolf that is perfect for me is coming.
no one else’s opinion on what i want matters but mine.
i believe that it WILL happen.
that’s it.
guess what?
you’re next.

lowkey: as always,
thank you vain for introducing me to flying.
i don’t think i would have gotten the job if i remained grounded.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Cum Fly High With Me”

  1. I am glad you are in a better place, especially from a mental standpoint because that is where it all starts, and after that the rest will always follow. You already got the job, next is being financially stable, and after that is the wolf of your dreams.

  2. This made my day. Thank you so much for answering my question. I will start practicing this immediately. I really appreciate you answering me.

  3. I’m gonna try to use this.I could use some positivity in my life.I’ve felt like I had a dark rainy cloud over me since I was a child.

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