I Love When White People Do Dumb Shat

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 6.10.01 PMnow i love white people,
but it is no doubt that some of them ain’t never scared.
well until now.
so the model pranksters decided to dress up in that scream costume,
don a machine gun,
and jump out at people.
well they learned that night not everyone likes shit like that…

tumblr_m9zydbYQGU1rrax28o1_500i swear this nearly made me choke on my munchies.
that news broadcast i know would have been hilarious.
can we talk about wolf who left his date and was OUT?
im mad she was trying to run in heels when a killer with a gun is walking behind her.
i will say they make “dumb shit” funny.

see more antics from: model pranksters tv

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “I Love When White People Do Dumb Shat”

  1. I am dying. LMAO…He left his girlfriend. I mean, he was gone. Road runner doesn’t even move that fast. DAMN.

    Shit got real when ol dude pulled his gun out. The prankster was scared as shit wasn’t he? That boi was strapped. “What the fuck is this yo?” LMAO. Now he probably was in a gang lol. He wasn’t strapped for nothing.

  2. One thing I learned white people should never ever prank black people from all the videos I seen they will knock your lights out.

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