…And I Didn’t Even Have To Pull My Dick Out Either!

Megan-Fox-GIF-30ever since i been on my high flying disk (insider),
i have noticed a dramatic change in my life…
so i’ve been making a solid effort to feel good all the time.
some days,
yes i feel moody and would kick you,
but i try to replace it with good vibrations.
so far random things have just been happening to me.
good things.
it could be people offering to buy me lunch,
hooking me up with free tickets,
things working out with no issues,
or just encountering really nice people.

today before i was leaving,
my boss wanted to see me before i went home.
when i got in her office,
she had a box sitting on the chair.
she asked me if i would like whats inside.
when i looked,
it was a box set to cologne i wanted.
how crazy is that!!!!!!!
she didn’t know i wanted it either.
i mentally told myself when i got some extra money,
i’d go to macys and buy it.
the box came with the cologne,
the soap,
and a aftershave.
she also gave me a separate gym bag.
i almost cried i was so grateful.

“you look like a prada guy.”
“you know me so well!
thank you so much!”

when i showed thing 2,
she whispered:

“oh yeah!!!!
she likes you jamari!!!
when you start getting free stuff from her,
that means you are doing a real good job.
soon people on the floor with start giving you stuff as well.”

not to mention the day i took off because i was sick,
she added my sick day to my hours.
i’m still on probation and can’t use any,
but she approved it.
i swear its happening because i’m on my high flying disk.
i will continue to let it take me where i need to be.
make an effort to get on your high flying disk as well.
strap up and watch it take you higher.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “…And I Didn’t Even Have To Pull My Dick Out Either!”

  1. Look at you, getting free gifts and shit. Glad to hear you are doing a good job bro. Maybe that Spanish Wolf will give you something if you are lucky, hopefully it will be exactly what you want haha. 😉

  2. Keep that positive vibe going and continue to do a good job in everything you do!
    It’s great when your work or whatever you do is appreciated, and they tell you. I would KILL to hear my boss say good job or thank you…but I get it from the ones that matter, and those people are the employees!

  3. So glad to hear about you blessings, my teacher used to say ” You keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll keep getting what you’re getting”

  4. So good to hear that its working out in your favor J, this is a lesson to all who may be going through something, many of us on here were going through the storm last year but many people prayed and said to stay strong,stay positive and sure enough the storm ended and the sun shined again, thats not to say it wont rain again but this time we will be ready and stronger when another storm approaches. This year for me has also been looking up on many positive notes, and I am a much more grateful person than in years past when I took so many great blessings in my life for granted. Fantasia said sometimes you have to lose to win, and its true. Wishing peace and many positive vibes to all.

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