The Answer I Wasn’t Expecting

artworks-000055801220-8k7d6i-originalever since i started riding my high flying disk,
life has been a lot different than before.
i’ve mentioned some of the things that have happened since i started flying.
i ask a question and the universe provides me an answer.
no lines; no waiting.
just how i like it.
so you know that entry from yesterday?
the one where i was acting like a complete whore over this wolf?
oh you judgin’,
mr. virgin?
oh ok.


i had to interact with that wolf again.
he was acting standoffish,
but i took it upon myself to cut the shenanigans.
something inside told me to say something as soon as i saw him.

“i like your shirt,” i said,
smiling as he handed me my bosses mail.

i didn’t really,
but it helped to open up some kind of something.


after that,
he called me on my extension to ask me a question about something i had on.

“oh i got this from h&m.”


“the one in times square.
they were having a sale.”

that ping pong match went on for quite a while throughout the day.
he even sat with me at lunch.
we started talking about one of my favorite topics: entertainment.
i usually use that in my arsenal of ice breakers.

“did you see miley crying over that dog?”

“yeah i did!
she was flinging herself all over the stage.
if she fell off,
i probably would have died laughing.”

from there on out,
the conversation flew at a great pace.
it was met with a lot of deep stares and bright smiles.
around 4:30,
i noticed some spanish vixen coming into my area.
she was pregnant with 2 other kids holding onto the stroller.
thing 2 got up,
gave her a hug,
and started talking to her.

“oh its her friend,” i thought to myself,
as i went back to revising a guest list for an event i had to work.

i noticed the baby mama looked worn out.
she looked like she was once a pretty girl,
but life and those kids have sucked the life out of her.
plus she came out the house with a head wrap on.
like who does that?
i immediately thanked god for not giving me a uterus.
thank you again god.
thank you.
suddenly the same wolf came out from the back.
the kids ran to him.



so why come that whole situation belonged to him?
he introduced me to his FIANCE and his KIDS!

gorilla-walking-away-gifuh huh.
you don’t even have to ask.
i’m over it.
thanks high flying disk!
i’ll fly my black ass somewhere else.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “The Answer I Wasn’t Expecting”

  1. That last gif had me rolling on the floor! Cheer up J, it happens to the BEST of us. Operation HIGH FLYING DISK is still in full effect! 🙂

  2. He could be one of those DL dudes. Although even if he was, I’d still fly some where else. You still got some potential in that security wolf. Y’all hang out yet? I don’t want any rape to go down like that episode of the Youtube series so be careful.

    1. LOL
      today we looked at each other and had a “moment”.
      i felt “something”,
      but now i dont want to feel any damn thing.
      security wolf wants to meet up soon.
      he sells that motor club of america pyramd scheme shit and wanted to come to my spot to show me.
      hinted i should have drinks too.
      we’ll see how it goes.

      1. You are dangerous, that is why y’all had a moment. Similarly to myself, you are one of those dudes who can affect a man from a emotional standpoint. I have moments with straight men as well, but I know my place. They are straight, which makes them off limits.

        For those of you who like to turn out straight men, having an impact on a man’s emotions is key. You have to get inside his head lol.

        1. ^well shit,
          i guess ignoring his ass,
          being in control,
          and then taking the lead is it then.
          im naturally quiet and let guys come to me.
          when they do,
          That’s when I turn on the charm.
          laugh at their jokes,
          provide good convo,
          and go about it the emotional way.
          im understanding it now man.
          took a while tho.

  3. C’mon Jamari. You still have a lot to be happy about bro. You are employed, and you have come along way these past couple of years. Stay on that disc.

    Let me guess who you were lusting after. It was that Spanish Wolf. I know how you feel. You start getting vibes from a dude, and then you find out he has a wife or a girlfriend. We have all experienced this or a situation similar. Who knows? There still may be hope for you two if he is on the DL. I’m kidding…I’m kidding.That man is married with a family.

    Love the gorilla gif.

  4. Aww so sorry to hear that (I’ve been in that situation took many times) it’s ok when he see some other fine ass wolf all over you he’ll feel some kinda way.. 😛

  5. Whenever I see the gorilla gif I start snickering. I gotta stop! Nah, I’m going to look at it again! In all seriousness stop flirting with dude. He is a dead end. And even if he was free you would dealing with Baby Mama Drama for the next 21 years! Now as for the security guy…

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