“Ya’ll Should Date”

derrickmasonballerwolfthat is what one of the f-bi said to me today.
okay i’m just going to say it.
i HATE this…

i hate when shit like THIS goes down and i’m at work.
this is something that needed to posted as soon as it dropped.

tumblr_inline_n2cvkor1s71ryl7hpi have to invest in a smaller laptop ASAP!
please bare with me!
that being said,
i’m sure you have acquainted yourself with derrick gordon today.
the f-bi literally BLEW my email account up about him.
i’m so grateful that everyone keeps me updated.
so derrick is the pre baller wolf of umass who “came out” of his den today.
his teeth are straight,
shouldn’t be a host on “fashion queens”,
and doesn’t look and act like a cornball who only plays in the snow.
thank god for that.
also have you seen how he looks?

oicliwell hello mister.
he sounds hood.
*looks at “from” in his dossier*
i heard a little “up north” in him.
i like that.
this is a the timeline of derrick coming out via boston globe:

Gordon, who said he started to have thoughts back in middle school he might be gay, gathered his support team of friends, who knew he was gay, following UMass’s exit from the NCAA Tournament March 21 to finalize his plan for an announcement. Gordon then went home to Plainfield, N.J., on March 30 to tell his parents.

Gordon said his mother already knew of his sexual orientation, but his father took a little longer to digest the information.

“No father wants to hear their son tell him that they’re gay, so it took him about a couple hours, but he came around and he was just happy for who I am, and said he’s always going to love and support me for who I was,” Gordon said.

After receiving the support of his parents, Gordon’s next move was to call coach Derek Kellogg that same night. Kellogg could sense the redshirt sophomore’s apprehension over the phone and said, “What’s going on? You can tell me anything.”

After Gordon told him, Kellogg paused for only a second before expressing his support. Kellogg showed that support April 2 when it came time to tell the team. With the other players waiting in the locker room, Kellogg could sense Gordon’s nerves starting to build as they approached. That’s when Kellogg decided he would break the ice. Kellogg told the team he was gay, before Gordon quickly jumped in and said that, in fact, he was the one who was gay.

“It made things a lot easier,” Gordon said. “I was able to tell my story more and express myself a lot more, which was good. They all accepted me, you could see it throughout when I was telling my story, you could some teammates getting a little emotional or whatever because I was speaking from my heart and that they really care about me besides the basketball aspect.”

“I was going to try to do anything I could to make it more comfortable for D.G. in our meeting,” Kellogg said.

One of the players in the meeting was sophomore center Tyler Bergantino, who arrived at Amherst with Gordon. The two have been roommates.

Bergantino noticed when Gordon started to become more isolated this season.

“You could just tell there was kind of a fog about him,” Bergantino said. “The moment he said, ‘I’m gay,’ it was fog gone. It was sunshine. It was great. He took the weight vest off.”

Gordon said Collins and Sam have reached out to him, saying Gordon can be someone for others to look up to. Gordon said he’s comfortable with the idea of being a role model.

“There’s a lot of kids out there killing themselves over this and not able to live how they want to live,” Gordon said. “And I just want to be able to give them people confidence enough to say, ‘Hey, it’s all right to be gay. You can still play the sport that you love.’ ”

As for next season, Gordon isn’t worried about going on the road and how he’ll be received by visiting crowds. In fact, he said he’s been called just about everything by fans, even before he announced he is gay.

“Them saying something about my sexual orientation, it’s going to make me play better, honestly,” Gordon said. “It’s not gong to affect me, not one bit.”

Meanwhile, Gordon he doesn’t want things to change between him and his teammates. He doesn’t want the teasing to stop.

“Do it even more now,” he said with a laugh. “At the end of the day, they’re all doing it because they love me.”

see i like this.
a lot actually.
he came out with full swaggu drippin’ off his fur.
just how we like it.

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article found: boston globe

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

40 thoughts on ““Ya’ll Should Date””

  1. I can closely relate to his story. I know how it feels to be around straight guys and feeling like you have to engage in their conversations without coming off as suspect. However, I join in since I used to be straight. I can easily relate to what they are talking about and I play it off so well that no one suspects me lol. I’m comfortable with my bisexuality, but I just do not want everyone to know. Feel me? If I come out, I will not be able to swoon females anymore, I probably will lose friends, and I will no longer be able to enjoy the other perks that come with the straight life. Plus, I want to keep my private life private, which is important to me. I love my life the way it is, and I am comfortable with living my life as discreet, possibly forever if necessary. I never have thought about the fact that I am not being my true self around people because more than likely they are not being their true selves in some form or another either.

    Derrick is nice looking dude and he seems cool. I would take him out on a date and spend a few hundreds on him lol.

    He is gained around two thousand Instagram followers since this afternoon. Y’all are already trying to get your asses wet lol. Damn. They waste no time. Dudes are probably flooding his DM lol. SMH.

      1. Everyone is on instagram trying to get chose, it’s sad. He doesn’t know those people. Instagram and Twitter are the worst inventions ever created.

    1. i respect your honesty and i agree even though I’m out to close family and friends I’m not screaming my sexuality from the rooftops and for some odd reason i always attract men like you, who atr usually bisexual…i appreciate what you’re saying and i feel it’s true but i have a question for you, just like i asked the guy I’m currently seeing…have you ever thought about what could happen if you fall in love with a man,, and when i say in love i mean like “i love you and can’t live without you’ kind of love that some straight couples have would the dynamic change then? the reason i asked is because the guy im seeing now wants me to move in, and i asked him where is going to lead if you’re DL will we pretend that we’re roommates and etc…he never answered m question so i’m asking you. do you feel in a sense that since you;re discreet you can’t ever fall in love with a guy and want to be be faithful to the guy?

      1. Most definitely. I have stated before that I want to love another man. I am the type of dude who only wants to be with the person I am with, which means that if I am with a man, a female will not interest me while I am with my dude. I have been in love with mad females, but never with a man. That is because I have come across guys who are emotionally unavailable, which means they will not allow me to love them. I’m only 20, so guys who are my age are not yet comfortable with themselves, and they put up so many barriers. They are too much to deal with man. Damn.

  2. I love stories like this. It’s a story that just makes you smile because coming out is epic for some people. Moreover this dude seems like the perfect role model for so many guys who think that gay is this or that. I want him to make it to the NBA and I want other to feel they can come out also.

  3. Jamari, the thirsty oochies are and will looking for two the two D’s, pending his future professional prospects: Dick and Dollars. I praise Mr. Gordon for coming out, but now he has to deal with them 🙁

    1. Instead of trying to get his dick and his future money, they need to be trying to get his heart. Anyone can get the pipe, but not everyone can capture the heart. Now that will make you stand out from the rest, and you will gain his respect. Just a lil food for thought.

    1. His wisdom teeth may be the issue. I have to hold my mouth a certain way to smile straight. I didn’t have an issue til the bottom ones started growing in.

      1. I wanna get mine removed. I thought I’d eventually stop tearing the back of my gums and tongue up but that’s not the case.

  4. I think it is interesting that his mom and older brother said they always suspected he was Gay but they never asked him.Also his twin brother took the hardest and cried about the news .As an only child Im always fascinated by the sibling relationship.

      1. I read a study years ago about twins that said, among identical twins, if one is gay, there’s about a 50% likelihood the other is gay, which is significantly higher than a non-twin brother or fraternal twin being gay, also.

  5. Well I’m glad he comfortable to come out yay for him. I just knew after Collins came out there was gona be a slew of athletes come out

  6. “Kellogg told the team he was gay, before Gordon quickly jumped in and said that, in fact, he was the one who was gay.”

    Lets take a second to appreciate his coach. That’s the type of person you want leading you. They do not make very many leaders who show that kind of support and initiative. And good for Gordon. Its always great to be able to live authentically. Now lets see what type of men he dates…

  7. Well Jason Collins is a twin.I have never met gay twins.I know 2 gay guys who have straight twin brothers.Do you know any gay twins? Derrick’s twin is in jail for shooting a guy.Outsports.com has a picture of him, they are fraternal twins.

  8. Hey Jamari, I love the way you take a tip and add photos, videos and more. The video clip was really nice, he has a great voice and a sense of humor he will need that. I hope he hangs around positive folks because with more gay ballers coming out a new breed of groupies is going to arise. Of course, they were always there because there were always gay players just in the closet. But now that they are coming out the competition is going to get more open and intense. It’s amazing — the young and the thirsty are already flooding his social media. I pray he doesn’t run across a Peanut. He looks more like a guy into chocolate-covered almonds.

      1. Umm excuse me Jamari. Wassup with this gremlin as my thumbnail. Where’d that come from? they don’t have cuter ones?

  9. NO offense but this dude is eewww. NYC is crawling with these type of I’m hard/lite skin/ holier than thou type of dudes that think their shit don’t stink. Seen it before. Im almost certain he’s a conceited, self absorbed jerk.
    Don’t be surprised if his dating profile ends up with some shit like “only lite skin wit tats”. He seems like the type. Well any who. congrats to him for ruining his career.

    1. It’s really sad that you feel that way instead of encouraging a brother you’re ripping him apart. Seems to me you have some issues that you need to deal with coming off incredibly negative about someone being true to themselves. Self Actualization is a blessing and we all should try to achieve it.

      1. Now I’m sad. Why would you say such hateful things to me. I did congratulate him. I have no hate for anyone. I try to walk in the ways of Jesus. Have a great a blessed weekend.

  10. Hey Jamari, hope all is well, its been a minute since ive been able to get online to comment. I wanna say im proud of Derrick Gordon, Micaheal Sam, and Jason Collins.

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