What A Wolf Who Likes “Boi Pvssy” Likes

tumblr_n2wvj102OA1si245xo1_500shameless plug to tumblr “boi pvssy”.
so i guess “boi pvssy”,
the one we supposedly got,
is really catching on on these streets.
fly young red,
the rapper wolf who started it all,
had an interview with dj baker of “da boo dirty show” yesterday that a vix-bi hipped me to.
he went IN on everything “boi pvssy”.
take a listen.
oh this is DEF nsfw,
and “not for straight ears”

the random sound effects were annoying af.
for those who didn’t want to listen:

*rapping since he was 16
*performed at different venues
*wolves call it “boi pvssy” when foxes aren’t around
*he calls it “boi pvssy” when he is fuckin
*if you don’t have a “boi pvssy” then don’t listen to the song
*hates how people took the word so literal
*says ass does feel like pussy
*hasn’t fucked a vixen since he started fuckin “boi pvssy”
*he likes a “n*gga” ass
(the type of ass that has a little athlethism to it,
hasn’t been worn out due to fuckin’ all day,

but it has to sit right so he can still cup it)
*he gets A LOT of boi pvssy pictures and videos in his DMstumblr_mzo627VpCq1sya06ho1_400*never fucked a midget
*mixtape coming soon, probably a month and a half
*he has gotten the pipe before but didn’t like it

i always liked to hear wolves talkin’ about their experiences in sex.
straight or gay.
its always interesting to me.
that being said,
that interview was every bit of ratchet,
but strangely enough,
i liked how he answered the questions.
i’m sure we are going to hear more of this one.
stay tuned.

lowkey: will you be wearing your:

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.01.41 PM?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “What A Wolf Who Likes “Boi Pvssy” Likes”

  1. An ass and a pussy feel the same? Yea….um…I object lol. No. Y’all will say anything to compare an ass to a pussy, I can’t with that comment.

    Thanks for giving us the details of the interview, I probably wouldn’t have made it through.

    1. ^i’m tired.
      i wanted to turn it off,
      but i couldn’t.
      same with how i can’t find my remote
      so my tv has been on the same channel since i turned it on…

      1. LMAO…@you can’t find your remote Yea, I know how you feel. My remote is small, so it is easy to lose.

  2. Do Lesbians call their strap-on “girl dicks.” lol

    When I was younger, I actually got into the habit of calling our asses boy pussy because I heard it so much on xtube. I have heard a few wolves say while they were fucking a fox “damn! that feels like a pussy.” If we had enough wolves on this site, we could take a poll.

    I’m sure some lurk. Y’all speak up.

    1. I hate watching gay Black porn because all you hear is “NIGGA!” “nigga” “oooh nigga!, yeah! nigga”

      I roll my eyes and wonder if I could ever find a gay Black porn in the 2000’s that have them yelling nigga every five seconds.

  3. I really don’t mind the word boipvssy because it really nothing to be offended by. If you think about asshole or anus is not a flattering word and when I hear asshole or anus I think of shit, but boipussy makes me think of a sweet, tight, wet hole that will make you cum as you soon enter and it all warm and smooth like silk inside. That why I like that word.

  4. I will always hate the term boipussy/boy pussy/bussy/etc. No matter what, your shit will never amount to what a woman has. I also just think calling it what it really is is sexier.

    ps. I’m not telling you how to run your blog or change anything, but with all due respect, I think a wolf should be either a straight guy or a top, not both since they are not the same. It just reinforces the myth that tops are less gay then the hybrids and foxes….

  5. Whats so interesting about him is he is not a stereotypical “queen.” He sounds like a heterosexual male. So it throws straight people off to hear him talk about homosexuality in the same way heterosexuals talk about their experience. And not just homosexuality in general… He is speaking for an Alpha male point of view. Most of the time, you only hear about sex from the bottom’s perspective. Big dick. Swallow. Gettin hit from the back. This is the first time a top has come to the forefront. To most bottom’s, tops are these elusive, unavailable, almost mythical creatures who you sort of “stumble” across. Especially the fine ones, they’re like vampires because you only tend to really see them in large numbers at night. So i can only imagine how fascinated heterosexuals are by him. I appreciate him a lot for creating this type of music and displaying a different side of the conplexity that is who we are. The hate over him and his song is mostly from gay men who are embarrassed by their sexuality and feel as though it needs to be kept quite. Meanwhile, know every single word to Beyonce’s “Partition” and say nothing about those sexually explicit lyrics.

    1. ^hmmm.
      excellent point vain.
      watch the d/l hood boys start talmbout “boi pussy”,
      if they already werent.
      i think things like this will make people much more curious.

      1. Its shifting the ideals society has about gay men. Its throwing a wrench into the typical images we see of gay men in the media. He, whether he knows it or not, is making impact. What would be interesting is how we now negotiate dealing with gay men who are not comfortable with themselves. “FLY YOUNG RED is out there being himself and masculine and light skin and (conventionally) attractive… Why would i subject myself to dealing with a guy who seeks to keep himself and us a secret?” Its less cute to call yourself DL these days. The gays aren’t really into that anymore. So those who seek to fly under the radar or put on a show… Are now being pushed to the side in favor of more openly gay men.

        He is a Top. A light skinned, masculine one. The top of the gay food chain. So he is going to get tons of attention. When frank ocean came out in his very passive way, it was more so on a level of “oh how nice, people need to accept him.” FLY YOUNG RED on the other hand is not asking for your approval. He is throwing his sexuality in your face making you deal with it. That, to me, is a way more impactful approach to “acceptence” by the mainstream.

    2. Good points but your comments that just because he is light skinned and a top and masculine he is at the top of the food chain are whack. Is this 1950? It’s 2014. Drop the colorism. Some people prefer dark, some brown, some light. I don’t think light skinned dudes got a corner on that market.

      1. No, this is evidenced in today’s social media. Go on any blog or instagram or facebook group and pay attention to the amount of likes, comments, and features there are for light skin men and compare it to dark skin men. Its cute to think that we have now pushed against this “white is right” ideal but it is not the consistent pattern that we see on a day to day. If FLY YOUNG RED was Fly Young Chocolate, i doubt he would have garnered the same amount of attention. Sure, some people may like other skin tones but the prevailing preference and standard of black male beauty continues to be fair skinned, athletic build, tattoos and masculine whether that may be our individual preference or not.

  6. Besides from the sound effects this was a good interview, he has skills somi’ll keep my eye on him.

  7. WOW…this is my first time listening to the interview…me personally i’m not crazy about the term boi pussy HOWEVER what you do in the privacy of your home is your business…CAN i just say I’m glad there’s an openly gay rapper out. lol as ratchet as the song is I’m just glad you have a man who is real i just don’t like hearing them say boi pussi as a man who happens to be a bttm it makes us sound like women when they mention how they like their boi pussi…i think hyper masculine alpha male tops, many of whom might be bisexual, like the term i guess just based on how it feels…i’ve never fucked a female before but i heard my boo who i’ve been sleeping with who never messed with guys before,he ate it, put lube all in it and etc. he said that once he slid in the tightness of it made him feel like he was in a pussy and he went bananas once he slid in almost destroying my ass hadme running from his muscular ass lmfao…but i had to let him know “I’M A GROWN man this is an ass not a pussy” in fact i get turned on more when he says “give me that phat ass baby” every know and then he’ll text me and says “baby i want some pussy” and i used to get mad but i’m like fuck it that’s his delusional mind if he wants to call it a pussy be my guess but a the end of the day its an ass and as long as you’re hitting it right you can call it whatever you want. shit you can call it crack cocaine lmfao…whatever floats your boat…in my experiences i’ve heard tops use it more then bttms

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