Kerry Rhodes Kinda Sorta Maybe Having A Baby

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.37.57 PMnoooo.
not with that bitch.
allegedly this one an f-bi alerted me to under the break…
so his snow bunny on call,
whitney cummings,
took this picture the other day on instagram:

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.40.12 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.40.22 PMwhich lead me to do this:

QuinnLOL so kerry posted this couple days after:

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.39.49 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.39.55 PM…and then i did this:
QuinnEyeRollwhy all this drama?
where are these shows kerry?
its not jealousy.

not at all!
anyway congrats if true.
lets hope that pregnancy weight doesn’t go away and that baby sucks the life out of her.

taken from: whitney | kerry

25 thoughts on “Kerry Rhodes Kinda Sorta Maybe Having A Baby

  1. Um… was Mr Woman an alias of you know who?

    That wasn’t even you that insulted Kerry’s choices and insulted Whitney’s looks, that was me.

    I’m thinking that was you know who and he we all know he’ll be back under a new guise. I’ve noticed he has more than one on here. He loves arguing with you Jamari.

    He’s got two other names on here. I guess he decided to go in with this one because his friend won’t let him use their computer anymore. Now he’ll have to go back to using his IP address. You know his ass will be checking this blog everyday. He ain’t going no where.

  2. Anyway, this is the last time I’m commenting on this shit blog. I hope Kerry blocks you. You are trash.

    1. “You ‘ain’t mad, is you?” Butter, you need to get back with Peanut and spread-out!

  3. Jamari, don’t you even evaluate your own behavior? Read what you wrote. It’s offensive. It’s hurtful. Stop the bitterness. Respect him or just leave him alone.

    1. ^do you evaluate yours?
      clearly my sarcastic nature went over your head.
      i didn’t expect you to understand.
      you damn near attacked other commentors last week.
      what’s really going on here?

  4. You are so bitter Jamari. Your thirst for the dick is hilarious. Why are you attacking Kerry based on ALLEGED information by random sources? Why are you attacking Whitney Cummings’ appearance and even wishing harm on her alleged pregnancy? If these rumors were hypothetically true, your behavior is just sick. Not to mention your racist generalization that Kerry is being a “typical negro”? I thought you said you were over him months ago, yet you’re latched on his behind like a waggling tail, just eager to see what is on the other side. But you don’t know him, or his relationships or his life. Please get one.

    And FYI, having children isn’t exclusive to heterosexuals. Gay men can and do have children. How can you talk bad about someone that wants to start a family? But, of course, there’s obviously a stereotype that only straight men do that. Ok, I get that. But I have one question Jamari. You always penalize gay men that do not ‘act like a [straight] man’. If a gay man wanted a kid, wouldn’t he be acting like a straight man? Isn’t that what you preach? Isn’t dating and starting a family with a woman that most ‘manly’ thing to do, as opposed to acting like a ‘queen’? You have to be consistent in your judgments.

      1. Don’t play that game. You’re just salty as fuck. If you can’t respect Kerry’s choices, stop writing about him. I love your tears. Please keep crying lol 🙂

        1. ^im at work in the middle of my breakfast.
          you are ranting and raving at 800am.
          i shed a tear i didn’t get black pepper on my sandwich.
          they’re real bland.

      2. You can’t even defend yourself. All you can do is bully and then when you face a reaction, you claim innocence. Just close down this shit blog loooooool.

        1. ^why oh why would I even choose to defend myself?
          i get it.
          you don’t like me,
          think I should die,
          and hate my blog.
          what’s a temper tantrum going to accomplish with you today?

  5. Well… This is some bucket list sh*t here. He could have found a more attractive surrogate, though.

  6. No idea. She was talking about him on the radio last Feb. She referred him as to her boyfriend.

    1. ^thanks!
      are they serious?
      i mean we talkin pregnancy and its only been 6 months.
      i didnt think kerry would be so…….
      typical negro.

  7. Yesterday he posted “Today has been Ruff (rough).I didn’t realize he was even dating her.

    1. I don’t think he really is. I think this whole thing is a publicity stunt. He gets something out of it i.e looking straight and she gets something out of it i.e material for her stand-up act.

      She needs to not take pics so close to her face, her lips look like cracked cement.

      1. It’s those connects in Hollywierd. She probably decided to become a professional beard and they pointed her in his direction. Just like that chick Stacy Kiebler. How does a woman who was only known for wrestling on TV once a night, end up with one of Hollywood’s biggest name actors? Who knows if how much of the shit we see is real or not. They take image seriously in Hollywood.

        Remember when it was revealed a few years ago that Tom Cruise hires a woman to be his girlfriend with a contract signing and everything. One actress revealed that she was approached to be his girlfriend but she turned the offer down. The contract stated that she would be his girlfriend for a certain amount of time. As soon as the expiration date hit, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise broke up. Same thing with his so called ex Nicole Kidman.

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