Konversations about Mixed Cubs With Karaoke

tumblr_my5b2llO1e1sh2p4ao1_1280don’t you just want to dip her in chocolate and eat her up?
look at those cheeks!
i almost wanted cubs looking at that picture.
anyway so after that entry about ( x wolves and mixed cubs ),
i decided to hit up karaoke about it today.we always have the best convos when i mentally check out of work.
well with her permission,
she allowed me to post her answer.
this is what she said…
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The Answer I Wasn’t Expecting

artworks-000055801220-8k7d6i-originalever since i started riding my high flying disk,
life has been a lot different than before.
i’ve mentioned some of the things that have happened since i started flying.
i ask a question and the universe provides me an answer.
no lines; no waiting.
just how i like it.
so you know that entry from yesterday?
the one where i was acting like a complete whore over this wolf?
oh you judgin’,
mr. virgin?
oh ok.

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F0xMail: Do You Think There Is A Rodent In My Home?

I get so many emails asking for advice that I try to answer them as fast as I can.
This one stood out to me the most.
This is a common trend in Wolf/Fox relations…


Whats up Jamari
OK so i have been with my boyfriend for 7yrs, now he moved from Omaha to mpls to stay with me. he told me i was his first
but before he moved in with me he was living with a roommate. i found out once we moved from mpls to NC that his roommate was his first and they
had sexy more than once, that’s before i was in the picture though. but when he was staying with me he was still talking to this dude
behind my back. we got into a big fight but we decided to work it out but every now and than he would flirt with guys on facebook. this
is from 06 to now 2011 he will say oh i was just bored I’m like ok whatever. but now i found out not only does he have an active a4a account, but he has been sending
his old roommate and other guys ass pics. i asked why he said he was bored I’m like wow i don’t know what to do anymore. i have let it go before but its not fair to me 3times once before we move and once while we were in Charlotte and now between those time he would flirt on facebook…
Here is my response…