Konversations about Mixed Cubs With Karaoke

tumblr_my5b2llO1e1sh2p4ao1_1280don’t you just want to dip her in chocolate and eat her up?
look at those cheeks!
i almost wanted cubs looking at that picture.
anyway so after that entry about ( x wolves and mixed cubs ),
i decided to hit up karaoke about it today.we always have the best convos when i mentally check out of work.
well with her permission,
she allowed me to post her answer.
this is what she said…

KAROAKEKONVERSATIONoh karaoke wanted to add the correction:

“….was (and is)…”

either way,
it was a very intelligent answer.
so i had to ask the foxhole…

Do you agree with her?

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “Konversations about Mixed Cubs With Karaoke”

  1. I agree with your friend almost everything that is not considered to be the ‘norm’ is starting to make waves. However, people have to be careful not to cause psychological damage in the process. I guess what Im trying to say is that if you are making decisions now, try to make sure you think of the long term effects of them. A child lasts a lifetime. If you are trying to object your insecurities onto a child it will eventually. Ive known a few mixed children like this. They were sheltered then when pushed out to the real world they met black people who were not feeling the hip nor appeal and it got to them as they had been made to believe that everyone perferred them to blacks and if you didnt something was wrong with you. If we choose to go down this path we must let the children be a product of their parents insecurities.

  2. I get where she is going but I don’t see colorism as a trend. It would be one long ass trend if that was the case. Light skin, “good” hair (whatever that is), light eyes, etc. have been what society deems “attractive” for a long time. People don’t realize that this problem is GLOBAL in context. It’s a true problem that goes beyond the United States.

    1. I agree it’s not a trend.It’s being going on since forever.When was there a period of time when being dark skinned,having nappy hair and dark eyes was valued over having light skin,light eyes and straight hair?

  3. I think anyone that intentionally sets out to have a child of mixed race is stupid period. I won’t even engage in a debate with anyone who disagrees honestly. Lol

    Quiet as its kept, a lot of these mixed race people that are so gorgeous, valued, and put on a pedestal when they were are younger don’t look so hot in old age.

  4. Yea I totally agree with Karaoke. But I think it interesting how in the U.S. mixing is now a thing or a trend for beauty. In Latin America mixing have played a major part of our culture, especially among those with African blood because mixing sorta became a survival for the slaves in Latin America. But now mixing is a “comeup” for Afro-Latinos. Some of them married whites because they think if their children has lighter-skin, loose curls then the child will have better opportunities and a better life cause being black in Latin America is no joke. Like many Afro-Latinos are treated as second/third-class citizens in their countries.

  5. I dont think that its that simple. I think she is missing why these things are desireable or seen as better than black. This affinity for these traits come from years of racism, oppression, and intentional lies for the sole result to create insecurity and self hate amongst the people who are not associated with these looks. That is not a good thing nor does it phase out because its designed to last. This affinity for light features has been around for hundreds of years. I think people really need to look into the reasons why black people are into this because its is extremely damaging.

  6. I agree mostly, things constantly change. In the future majority of the world will be mixed like this. Once that happens there’s a really high chance people will move onto the next thing.

    What people think is beautiful constantly changes. The previous trend was white pale skin, light eyes, straight hair, super thin (I think it’s fair to call these racism). If people are moving to things like curly hair and different skin colors it gives me hope for the future.

    But if a bitch talking about looking for a man specifically for a mixed baby, that’s a little crazy to me. 😕

  7. I see what she is saying, and I agree to a point, but we’re talking about the creation of a human being here. They’re not an experiment or a concoction, it’s a person.
    If the parent’s have such a toxic and convoluted view, the child will have no sense of being accepted for how they are unconditionally (even though unconditional love doesn’t exist but that’s a whole ‘nother argument.) They would feel that they are only accepted if they subscribe to the messages that are perpetuated by the media.

    In short, the child would grow up being society’s little experimental puppet. The perfect “doll” of superior genetics, (or at least, what society views as superior genes.) If everyone subscribed to this view, what would that mean?

    Nothing wrong with having mixed babies, but some people really need some guidance because they go out of their way to NOT “breed” with anyone who looks even remotely black, because of their self-hate issues, and having children with that mindset is not healthy for any of the factors involved.

    Its toxic, and there are many people out there who would use this as an excuse to feed their own toxic dispositions and self-prejudices against themselves and other black people. Not good.

  8. Ive been traveling in latin America for a few months. I keep hearing phrases like “mulato adelantado” and Mulato atrasado” That is to say, mulato further ahead and mulato further behind. I’ll bet you can figure out the difference. These and similar “descriptions” are used like Americans use red haired and left handed. The fetishizing of mixed race people is the natural outgrowth of assumptions of Black inferiority and the process by which mixing with whites is the way to “mejorar la sangre” improve the blood. Its also linked to the old racist standby that black are naturally more sexual and more carnal. The mixed race person, then becomes a sexual object that is more acceptable because she is more human than her Black cousins.

    1. Yes!!! To the sexual part. In wider society Black is equated to sexual connotations. People need to be very careful what they do as their choices in mates sometimes perpetuate these stereotypes. Its mostly about sex and not looking at the person. People may say they look at the person which is so not the truth. That is because black people are different in regards to our culture and self hating individuals that like the subtle fetishing of themselves will try to lump us as negatives while acknowledging our ‘postives’. One example is blk tops and that big dick myth. Notice even the ones who denounce other blks with preference for nonblacks will allude to it in some type of way. Its our bodies people want, not what we represent. Everybody wanna do blk but dont wanna be black.

  9. All I can say is we are one set of FKD up people. In this day, time we continue to demean self, who we are , yet we wonder why we are probably one of the least respected people the world over. Everytime I watch those negros on the Tele mouthing off about how they like light, near white skin I wonder if the have any awareness of how the world see,hear them. Pathetic…self hate, self destructiin in effect.

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