Justin Bieber Swoops In With A New Look?

justin-bieber-calvin-klein-jeans-inline remember when justin bieber was going for “sex symbol”?
^that was him earlier this year for calvin klein.
he also did “young thugger” and as of late,
well he has a new look he debuted for the recent billboard magazine cover.
its rather…

here are some other shots from the magazine:

i guess he is going “wet skater emo” this era?
i heard p!nk is a little pissed.
it looks like he snatched her whole aura.

2l9i7lvp!nk woulda finished the concert in norway a week tho:


i’m just sayin.

lowkey: does he still hang with those blacks?

pictures taken: billboard

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Swoops In With A New Look?”

  1. He’s just not attractive. Reminds me of Aaron Carter and we know what happened to him. Lol he’s on his way out

  2. It works for him , that while skinny and pale crack look. From the video I think he’s understanding that his entire fan base are children and preteen and they can be annoying.

  3. I am really bother by Justin’s actions in Norway. How dare you walk off after one song and act like you mad because you CAN’T CLEAN THE M#th&rF#*ing floor???????? Putting the blame on those young girls who buy your albums and you CONCERT ticket??? Hello!!! I really, really hope he made it up to the youngsters. Someone needs to put that punk in his place and understand what fans are and how they make or break you. There is a reason Janet Jackson cries most of the time when she takes time out and take in the audience’s applauds and crazy yelling. She appreciates us.

    OK, thanks for letting me vent. I just did not think that was cool of that young man. And I heard he did something else lately, but I spent too much time on this subject, 😉

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