nicki minaj sends her barbz to collect someone’s head

the foxhole has a lot of supporters,
but i would never send you to attack someone in my defense.
i can’t font the same for nicki minaj and her barbz.
so she might give billboard the “cock sucka of the day” award.
the winner will get crowned on her radio show,
“queen radio”,
this thursday.
you ponder?

well a recent article set her off and she sent the barbz to attack.
this is what she posted on her instagram
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“I Prayed The Gay Away…and I Didn’t Like It”: The Ballad of Katy Perry

ya know…
this “so woke” katy perry era is an interesting one.
i do like her latest single and see she is on a path of finding herself.
so did you know katy perry use to be allegedly gay?
“i kissed a girl” has truths to it.
well she claims in her actual teenage (dream) years,
she was sent to a conversion camp to “pray the gay away”.
we talked about that 20/20 on that same topic ( x here ).
this is what she said at the human rights campaign gala and well…

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“So About Chris Brown…”, Says His Anonymous Friends To Billboard

so it finally happened.
the folks around chris brown seem to be fed up.
so much so,
most of them have collectively gone to billboard magazine.
billboard released a damn tell all article that started off like this…
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Chrisette Michele Is Dragged, Disowned, and Discombobulated

chrisette michele is still explaining herself.
well she had a nice conversation with billboard.
what happened after she performed for donald trump via baller alert
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Everyone Needs A “Drake” In Their Circle

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 9.49.00 AMlooking like ^that,
i do too.
but seriously…
everyone needs a “drake” in their life.
even if he isn’t your “lover”,
we all need someone who is our personal hype person.
cheer leader.
someone who will hype the shit out of you to everyone.
“star fox” was mine.
star fox always spoke so highly of me.
i got to meet a few of his friends at his funeral and they all said:

“omg this is the jamari fox he always talked about…”
“he loved you so much.”
“i’m glad we get to meet this person that was like a celebrity…”

well “drake” is the “star fox” for “rihanna”.
as you know,
rihanna is getting the video vangaurd award at the mtv music awards tomorrow.
this is what drake did for her that she posted via her ig
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Rihanna Does It Again (and Again and Again)

23445669273_bfc7c4062b_brihanna is back on top yet again.
she already told you that rihanna reign don’t let up.
“anti” is #1 for the second time this week.
i have a feeling the tour is helping in sales.
…i thought they said she would flop?
…or that she shouldn’t go against adele?
it’s okay pookie.
she’ll take her foot off their necks one day.

lowkey: i really love the underdog that is rihanna.

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