Question For The Head Fox (2)


Would you have raw sex with Devin Thomas or any of the Baller Wolves you lust after?


Look at this package:

What do you think?



I know everyone expected me to say the opposite,
but what kind of Fox do you think I am?
Now, if me and whoever (Baller Wolf or not) were together for a while,
regularly getting tested,
and we both trusted each other,
then I would attempt the “raw” movement.

But just because some is cute, muscular, and has tatts upon first meet…?
That is a NEGATIVE.
EVERYONE does that…
…and I’m not everyone.

Raw sex should be something special.
Like, buying your first Mercedes,
your first home or pent house,
or eating at the Marriott Marquis AND staying there for the week.

So I would have tell my Baller Wolf:


I don’t play that basic shit.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Question For The Head Fox (2)”

  1. I agree with u, but if my man Mario Williams approach me with it, I might give it a second thought! Don’t judge me LOL

  2. Right Jamari these ballers fuck anything with a hole so you could just imagine. That’s y I always keep the bare thin condoms they feel like the real think I’m told

  3. Lookey here…Theres several ballers I wanna fuck…Hell I’d even bottom for a few of them…Maybe suck their dick,,,But you halfta look at it like this-those dicks are getting sucked by any and every woman…Any and every race…Any and every wok of life…Probably the dirtiest dick you’ll ever run across…Look at Kobe…Still couldn’t keep it in his pants, even after being busted and humiliated on a national level. Tiger Woods who no one would even suspect had several hoes on lock…That one nba player who got busted for knocking down candysupathroat. The twitter prostitue who charges 120 for head/pussy combo…Theyll fuck the lowest of the low just cuzz they can…Just cuzz they’re on the road, just cuzz it’s convenient and just because they can’t say no to all the pussy being thrown at them…

    The only reason to fuck a baller raw is to try n get preggo. That’s some groupie shit, and since as men we can’t get kncoked up…Whats the point? It’s like army men. Men overseas getting head from Asian prostitutes n shit…Its cray man…Real talk,,,,,My aunt caught stds a couple times from her hubby before she divorced him. In the army. Bringing shit home to his wife.smh. I imagine it’s similar with these ballers. And I refuse to believe Magic and that Baseball player who got sued by his wife and his mistress for exposing them to aids are the only ones. They’re just the ones we know about…As badly as I want to eat Derick Fishers ass…Its nice to dream about, but if the opportunity presented itsself…Id prob chicken out…High risk at it’s finest…

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