Antrel Rolle Is Stacked From The Back

The Giants were EMBARRASSING today.
What the fuck happened boys?
Did the cold weather FUCK up your thought process?

… but I will manage to forgive you.

The Giants are the only team with MEAT all my Foxes love.
One in particular is my chocolate drop, Antrel Rolle…

Antrel has been on my HIT list for a while now.
Sure I like my light skinned pretty boys of the Giants, don’t get me wrong.
Something about Mr. Rolle turns me ON.
Maybe it is complexion.
Maybe it is his upper body.
But, Antrel is STACKED…



Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “Antrel Rolle Is Stacked From The Back”

  1. He is something I agree. And there are more sexy teams out there Jamari. Just a few the dolphins, saints, vikings, chiefs, jets, falcons, and red skins have sexy ass baller meats in them. S/N yes the giants screwed the pooch today but look on the bright side the Saints won WHO DAT!!!!!

  2. it’s beautiful and imperfect…You can see that theu his pants…I luv that shit…I luv it in a woman ass too…A few dimples here n there…Dont know why but it turns me on…Same with hair…I don’t mind a lil hair on the ass or in the crack…Its natural and sexy to me…Keep in mind I said a little tho…same with the dimples 🙂 imma really step my workout game up for the new year. I’ve let work trump my routine which used to be regular. Seeing pics like this is not only a turn on but also motivating…

  3. The Giants collectively have the best asses in the leagues, hands down. I give you props on spotting Rolle’s cakes, but Jacobs, Tuck and Rising Star Pierre-Paul have Rolle beat in the cakes department. Rolle is still good to look at and that takes the sting out today’s bruising loss!!

    Go Giants!!

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