“Let Me Get Some Of That Yo… “

This is a situation that all of us know to well,
but in can happen in different ways.

Check it…


You know a Vixen very well.
She has been cool with you for many years and things are good.
You and her both are at the same event.
She says she wants to introduce you to her man that she has been dating for a while.
You NEVER met him up until this point.
Dude walks in the event and he is a similar model to this:

Fine, right?

Aight cool.
As the night goes on, he starts to subtly get to friendly.
He is staring at you and basically licking his lips like you are a slab of ribs.
You already guess that he is trying to get at you.
You decide to go off to the bathroom and he follows.
Once you get in there, he decides to make conversation.
As you are turning to leave, he gets you with the:

“Yo, so what’s really good with you?”

You can already tell that he wants you.
It takes you by surprise.
God obviously has a funny sense of humor.
It is never a single man like this that comes this easy.
This is the man of your dreams, right in front of you…
So, what you do?
Tell your Vixen and deal with the after effects?
Would you mess with him on the low?
Would you decline the advance?

Leave me a comment…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on ““Let Me Get Some Of That Yo… “”

  1. For once I’m in full agreement wirh most of the kats on here. My love for old girl would keep me from a) messin wit dudes and b) telling her wassup. That NEVER ends well.

  2. Pssshh who said anything about him wanting a relationship?

    He’s coming on to you in the restroom so clearly he’s seeking relations, not a relationship.


    I can’t lie, I may at least grope him a little. Feel free to judge me now. Lmao.

  3. I’d decline, but wouldn’t tell her – cuz it could easily swing on me like I’m jealous & tryna get her man. I might drop a hint or something if we were fairly close.

    And I wouldn’t give him play cuz he’d easily cheat on me; though if he backed off & ended things with her I might consider it much much later

  4. Nope. Never happened to me either.

    Of course i would decline. He cheated on her so he’ll cheat on me and id be a horrible friend if i did. I’d let her know though. I don’t hang with fysh too often so i wouldn’t be sad if she called me a liar and accused me of trying to take her man.

  5. to join the bandwaggon that shit dont happin in real life lol. but if she was my homegirl i would tell her and face what would happen. but if she was just a chick i knew i would not be held responsable for my actions :-/

    1. Agreed OMG007. Agreed. I mean if she was an associate, and things popped off in the restroom, who am I? I mean I’m just a single fox in the city. I’d just laid there and let the wolf do all the work but prepared for the people outside to know your name! But, if she was a cool friend, I’d, well IDK, shit happens. I’d decline and TRY move on, but if he wanted his way with me, then, who I am to to deny? I’d be like Meryl Streep in the movie “It’s Complicated.”

      1. Right I mean it’s hard enough trying to find a wild wolf on our own. At work school or at the gym all these damn fish got they hooks in um. If a wolf just happen to sniff our way once who are we to stop it. Hell it may nit happen again lol … But not to my home girl that’s low

  6. cosign Jay! Damn jamari im looking at the gifs and pics going back and forth. Im so glad i got a good ass imagination.

  7. I echo shea’s statement, this has never happened to me. Lol! Maybe some weird staring from a few boyfriends but never out right flirting.

    I’d decline and I’m not sure whether I would tell or not. In my experience, they ALWAYS go back. Most dudes who cheat on their girlfriends have this psychological hold on them and I think most women know on some level whether their dude is up to something, it’s just a feeling you develop in a close relationship like that. I’ve had instances where I knew a friend’s boyfriend was cheating on her with her best friend.

    Sorry I did not and still will not get involved in other people’s relationships. Shit will hit the fan eventually on its own.

    You’d have to be someone I’d chop off my own arm for me to give you a heads up and I’m not that close to anyone so my conscience is clear.

    1. …and i have seen a few vixen’s have their best friend’s getting dick samples by their men.

      this is why i keep my life private.
      and this is how people get off the beaten path.

  8. decline him…
    wouldn’.t tell her
    keep it movin…

    vixens can switch up on you as soon as some shit like this goes down.
    ive seen it happen before.

  9. All too familiar with huh? I must live a sheltered life, this shit never happened to me. Don’t have too many female friends if any, plus I’m always the aggressor in situations so…Anyway, I would def tell her. If he still wanted to fuck after that, lookin like ol boy in the pic? Yea I’d pop his but cherry…Again tho…If a chick I knw has a man who cheats,,,with men or women I’m tellin…Quick story…Had a male female couple I was cool with,,,met her through work, met him shortly after…dude confided in me that his side piece was preggo…after a few days of pondering…I told her…she was preggo as well…i figgured it was still early enuff for her to decide to terminate the pregnancy if she chose…anyway initially she was very happy I told her,,,but eventually she stayed with him, and neither of them speak to me today.ha True story…It is what it is…Im a real friend when it comes to shit like that…I did the right thing regardless what anyone says…cheating is one thing, once you involve kids…naw I don’t play that shit…i grew up watching my mama fight over a man who couldn’t keep it in his pants…rumor has it I have several half siblings I’ve never met…which is sad…but yeah, so no…I wasn’t wrong for telling…Ok once again I ramble on…whatever…

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