Fifty Shades of Spankings

tumblr_nj93gdmWRR1rdngrfo1_1280so three scenes from the new “fifty shades of grey” movie leaked.
they are brief clips of some of the sex scenes.
well if i didn’t want to see the movie before
(this is def 18^ and nsfw)


tumblr_njjnapVx9k1tjz72bo1_400…well i def want to see it now!
that vixen looks like she is getting turnt out!

lowkey: is it nasty to say ive always wanted long hair?
i always wanted it to get pulled while i’m being fucked from the back.
just like how he wrapped it up in his hands.
that set me on fire.
you know i like that freaky shit.
my wolf is in for it when he finally arrives.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Spankings

  1. lol i have long locs that hang down my back almost near my ass and let me tell you it’s fun sometimes but when a man gets into it and wraps his hand around your hair like he’s climbing into a saddle and starts going off it’s a different thing lol….but i’m with Lindo put on wig lol

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