Rough Sex Got My Hole Swollen

i get it.
rough sex gets the blood flowing.
sometimes a wolf puts on boxing gloves and gives ya hole a good beating.
well this couple found out the hard way on
no pun intended

was he trying to murder her vagina a la amanda bynes??????
it was curved outward tho???
this mofo beat the brakes off her box.
i bet she didn’t see that coming.
i’m all for some sex that lets me know my shit is his,
but uuuuuuh….
i’m not with emergency room night cap.

found: bossip

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Rough Sex Got My Hole Swollen”

  1. My niggggaaa!!! LMAO…He should have been proud of himself. That is how you do it bro. I would have been doing back flips, front flips, and cartwheels.

    I fell out at the part about the ice. “Maybe we could….put some ice on it.”

      1. A pussy is made to take a good pounding. I do not know what happened with that couple lol. An ass is not. However, in a typical Wolf’s mind, we are thinking that since we are banging another dude, he should be able to take it with no problem.

        I will not leave a Fox hanging tho. I’ll buy the Preparation H, and I’ll help doctor on it.

      2. Your absolutely right Jamari, some wolves just try and shove it in all quick and go to town. I’m one of the few aggressive masc foxes, so that won’t work on me.

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