f0x Mail: He To’ My Poor Virgin Cheeks Up! Owwwwww!


dear jamari fox. i love your site. i am 18 years old and new to this lifestyle. your site is so great and it has allowed me to get comfortable tremendously. the comment section helps me alot on days i hate myself for being gay. thank you. the other night i met this fine ass wolf online. i was scared but i invited him over to my house and we got it in. he fucked me really hard. i was a virgin but he did not know. now i have a hemorrhoid and it HURTS! i dont think i want to have sex again lol help! any advice!!!????


My first virgin!
I love them!
Thank you for reading and growing with us, little Fox.

This entry is about to get a little TMI.

So, I met this Wolf online a couple years ago when I was still new to really fucking.
He was fine, had body, and he gonna get ALL of this.
I was also new because I actually got on the train at 1am to go get some pipe.
He lived all the way down to the last stop in Brooklyn…
… and I was coming from Harlem.
Never again.

Either way, I get in his spot and he was already naked.
Took my clothes off and we begins the fuckings.
He lived with his sister, so we had to be quiet and that low key turned me on.
We were going at it for a while, but he didn’t cum.
He falls asleep with the condom on and so did I.

I am woken up a tongue darting in and out my ass.
I look and this nigga is fingering me and eating me out.
It was like 630am, he had to go to work, and he wanted to cum.
This mofo decided to spit on the condom and proceed to shove that thing in my ass.

^like this, literally.

I raise up like a Great Dane and he wraps his arm around my neck.
When I tell you that muthafucka to’ my shit UP?!?
He fucked me so hard that the bedhead was literally banging up on the wall.
His sister left for work at like 5am so it was open season.
I am telling him it hurts, moaning loud as shit, trying to crawl away and CAN’T because he got me in a vice grip.
I hear a loud “Oh Shit Oh Shit OOOOOh shit…” and he proceeds to cum on my ass cheeks.

He is satisfied; I am violated.

This nigga is getting dressed for work and still wants to fuck again.
I was so good.
He drops me off at the train station and you can tell by the way I am walking,
I got my brains banged out last night.
I get home and I had to use the bathroom…


That night I get a hemorrhoid out of this world.
I was in so much pain and I was so pissed.
Couldn’t shit, couldn’t sit down, and it itched.
I nearly became a Wolf…
… until I realized I loved dick way too much.

My advice is to always use lube.
Slather it on and make sure it is water based.
Lubes like WET are good for that.
NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER… clean yourself out before sex with a female douche.
A lot of Foxes are doing this and had all said they got a bad hemorrhoid because of it.
Always use Fleet, or even water.
There is really no sure fire way of getting a hemorrhoid after a good pipe down,
but those are the methods I know to keep the chances low.

Preparation H and soak in some Epson Salts should calm it down, my little Fox.
Don’t wipe hard after you use the bathroom.
Blot the area with water softly and then go into the shower.
No sex until it has healed and make sure that the Wolf goes easy on you next time!

Check the comments below because my readers will drop some further knowledge!

need advice?: jamari.fox@gmail.com

17 thoughts on “f0x Mail: He To’ My Poor Virgin Cheeks Up! Owwwwww!

  1. Years ago, I was fucking this fine ass dude having the time of my life. He tried to pull away but since I outweighed him by 60lbs I held him in a vice grip and continued to go HAM.

    15 mins later, after I nutted and old boy is holding his ass, he turned to me and goes “You need to understand. This, (he points to his ass) ain’t a pussy.” YngBlkWolf is right. Bottoms MUST take control of the situation. Set ground rules and protect your ASSet.

  2. i hate when i come on here late im always too late. im with random cause all the bassis are covered

  3. Everyone else pretty much covered whatever I would have said, but I think the most important advice I can give you is to be more aggressive during sex. You know your body better than any top ever will. Foreplay should never ever be optional.

    Be more assertive with your body. Tops may not agree, but in the bedroom, the bottom ALWAYS rules.

  4. Also took help you with those hemorrhoids! Make sure to drink lots of water, along with your vitamins. And do a quick flush (Fleet your hole). But before you do it add a few drop 1-3 of tea tree oil and aloe vera gel! In 3-5 days your hole will be back to tip top shape! Tea Tree Oil is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial….all that good stuff. So it will clean your hemorrhoid. And aloe vera will soothe the area and keep it moisturized without compromising the level of good bacteria in your anal canal.

    And yes, as Wolf said, for goodness sake use wipes! Natural alcohol free, with vitamin E added if you can find those! No bottom or anybody in this world (since we all do number 2) should be using toilet paper! Ewww! As Terrance Howard state….”When you drop peanut butter on the floor or something sticky. You don’t just clean it up with a dry paper towel” Use a wet wipe to make sure your precious love is COMPLETELY CLEAN!

  5. First off – Whoever is topping should help prepare you, (minus the actual cleaning), for penetration. Since it was a booty call, it doesn’t sound like there was any foreplay. He would have noticed how tight you were. It may have been a mistake to not tell him that he was your first. Perhaps he thought you could handle the rough side of the mountain?

    I hope that was the only time you let him hit, cause he sounds like a rough one. Your minimal experience cannot prepare you for that battle.

  6. I do not see how you all did that! Virgin or not! Every time the pain became unbearable for me I had to stop and I told the top to stop. And he respected that as every top should. Because aint gone be the fun if the bottom hurting like hell! We have the hole (orifice) that is being pounded! If ya hurting me ya hurting ya self and aint no body getting an amazing nut!

    It’s more than just water-based slippery slimy lube! The cleaner the better. So be sure to use Fleet Naturals (the chemicals in the original fleet will erode the anal lining and will actually make sex worse and you’re more prone to bleeding and hemorrhoids).

    This most helpful tip that I ever received was change your thinking! Sex is really mind over matter! For everyone. Bottoms worry about the pain. Tops worry about their performance. Obsessing too much over either will lead to ding ding ding BAD performance.

    When you think about receiving dick it should be a pleasurable thought! A thought that is going to lead to ecstasy and your mind and body feeling good! Free your mind and the ass will follow! It’s the truth! The more open and free your mind is to having PLEASURABLE sex the more you body is going to respond that way. It’s not going to associate “dick in hole” with pain but pleasure! And tops if your bottom is having this problem it’s best you coach him using this method because once this happen believe me HE WILL be taking all of your inches and ENJOYING the hell out of it! And what does that mean? Longer sex, more positions, more fun, better nut, and hell possibly even much better chemistry between both parties.

    My very first time! I took 11 inches and it was damn near pain less! All because I was relaxed mentally and so was my body! My partner at the time (this was 4 years ago) gave me a full body massage with a warming liquid and ate my ass so damn good! Foreplay wasn’t just a 10 minutes of dry humping and let me tell you my hole was opening up like a blooming flower. Don’t worry about losing your tightness or grip because that’s not gonna happen.

  7. Ive never had a hemmroid from sex…. One thing is to have control, u shouldnt be in pain sex should be pleasurable let him know what feels good to you, and be honest, if he knew you were a virgin, he’d probably take time with you, my first time was with my ex bestfriend, we were both new to this and we took our time…. he lubed me up real good and went slow. especially if he has a big hook of a dick like mine did…. the thing that made this sex experience great for us both was that he took time…. but hey you live and you learn!

  8. While we love to ram you foxes; you have to take control of the situation. Make sure he takes his time getting you prepared & open…especially since you’re new to the game. The sphincter isn’t a vagina – it needs some attention & care to relax & open to an invader – especially if he’s thick (length isn’t as much of an issue). So make him use his tongue, fingers, whatever to help you relax as much as possible; you’ll still be tight & he’ll likely still need some force to get the first penetration, but still. There are times when you want it tore up – just not literally; if your wolf won’t listen, find another.

    Oh, and you should probably get some wipes instead of toilet paper – they’re wet & softer. And depending on the ‘roid location, you may also need to wipe from the front so you don’t aggravate it.

  9. OMFG. I hate hemmoroids. See this why I aint havin no dick comin anywhere near my ass EVER.

  10. I said the same thing after my first time taking pipe lol. Thought I was going to be a top , but the dick call was too strong. Welcome to foxhood!

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