f0xmail: Should I Get The Wolf Drunk So I Can Finally Feel On That Booty?


Remember that wolf (with the big ass) from my job you made a post about. Well, back when he invited to his 4th of July party that passed over month ago I didn’t end up going. I think I told you guys. Well since then nothing has popped off and my attraction towards him grows stronger every time we speak. At this point I’m a little heartbroken because his relationship status on Facebook indicated that’s he’s with some white chick (Ugh, Smh!). I feel as though I missed out by not cultivating a potential friendship that could have possibly lead to something more. Now he’s invited to go out with him (just us two!) for drinks next weekend because he’s free. Could this be my opportunity to make my move. Should the fact that he has a girlfriend now, should I back off from all romantic prospects involving us? I’d like some advice from you and the fellas’.


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f0x mail: We Slept In The Same Bed Twice. Did I Mention He Was Straight?


I love your site and have been a fan of yours now since about February of this year. I love the advice that you give and the responses that you readers make, its not the usual gay agenda type bullshit lol. Anyways I read your post “Don’t Start The Fire If You Can’t Take Your Hose And…” and it resonated with me. This article describes my life to the tee and I hate it. I am 20 about to turn 21 in August and I have no true success stories from my gay relationships and I have been in MANY since 17 and I have yet to have to actually have anal sex I have topped once. Though I believe I am a Hybrid sometimes I exhibit werewolf qualities and it really bothers me that the only people who I really like are my straight male friends that exhibit some sort of unusual interest in me. I mean like they put me on a pedestal over their girlfriend or mama type shit and I don’t pay them any attention. This “straight” guy once told me that he ‘hasn’t cried in a while and the only way he probably would is if me or his mama got shot’ WTF?? I literally just stared at him and didn’t respond

Yet this one guy who has gotten underneath my skin but there are so many red flags. I met him at FAMU while he was dating my female cousin (1st strike). Once he found out that I was gay we became extremely close for some reason and my cousin started to get suspicious and we ended up falling out over a petty argument. He continued to be cool with me while dating my cousin even going so far as to text me at 3 am just to ask me what I was doing. Long story short he and my cousin broke up and he and I fell out.(Strike Number 2)
Fast-forward a year and we reconciled our friendship after breaking up with my cousin he left FAMU, went back to his ex girlfriend and got her pregnant, and now has a gorgeous baby boy (Strike Number 3). Since he was working two jobs to take care of his son he decided that he wasn’t making enough so he enrolled in the army. I also left FAMU this May so there was a chance that we would never see each other again and he wanted to see me before he left and even though I didn’t understand why but I agreed to meet him at our mutual friends house when he got in to town.

We had established that he had somewhere to stay before he came up here. Yet he gets to Tallahassee and he ends up staying with me sleeping in the same… damn… bed with no shirt on and his muscles and tattoos showing. It took a lot of self-control for me to not lose my virginity to him that night. I tried to make him sleep in the couch the next night and he refused and play fought me ending up sleeping in my bed again every night until we left. After I moved back home he started to ignore my texts and I sent him a message asking him “what happened” and he read it instantly and didn’t respond, so I left it alone and pushed past the situation. He left for the Army 2 weeks ago and I cannot stop thinking about him and worrying about him if he’s alright and its scaring me because I NEVER felt this way about a nigga before no matter how rich or good looking I usually never paid a dude more than dust.

Plus I would never want to date him because even though me and the mutual friend aren’t cool anymore, I feel as though it would be fucked up since she was once a “friend”. What should I do in this situation?


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f0xmail: How Do You Act Like A Prince, Instead of a Pauper, In Public?


What’s the word, Jamari?

 I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for posting “The Foxy Rules of Getting a Sponsored Lifestyle.
Actually, I took that post for more than just talking about how to get a “sponsor,” and saw a lot of ways where you can just improve on being a down-ass Fox.
More than that, you gave a lot of advice about knowing your own self worth.
I always respect a hustler, and Jamari, my blog/lifestyle Guru, you are just that.
I was wondering if you planned on doing any follow up posts
about how to conduct yourselves in certain environments?
What do I mean by that?
Well, I’m very new and very green to this lifestyle having just graduated from college and just now getting my feet wet.
I’m always wondering how you’re supposed to act/conduct yourselves in different environments.
For instance, I feel you’re saying be laid back, BUT, you’re also saying make sure you get noticed.
Just curious if you could elaborate!
One of your newest/biggest fans….


UPDATE: She Loves Him, But He Loves A4A and Butt Cheeks More. Should I Tell?

as usual,
team #foxhole rocked.
Good work team.
We helped a Fox out of another bind.
Your comments helped tremendously so: round of applause.
Remember this f0x mail here:


Well he has an update!

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