f0xmail: How Do You Act Like A Prince, Instead of a Pauper, In Public?


What’s the word, Jamari?

 I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for posting “The Foxy Rules of Getting a Sponsored Lifestyle.
Actually, I took that post for more than just talking about how to get a “sponsor,” and saw a lot of ways where you can just improve on being a down-ass Fox.
More than that, you gave a lot of advice about knowing your own self worth.
I always respect a hustler, and Jamari, my blog/lifestyle Guru, you are just that.
I was wondering if you planned on doing any follow up posts
about how to conduct yourselves in certain environments?
What do I mean by that?
Well, I’m very new and very green to this lifestyle having just graduated from college and just now getting my feet wet.
I’m always wondering how you’re supposed to act/conduct yourselves in different environments.
For instance, I feel you’re saying be laid back, BUT, you’re also saying make sure you get noticed.
Just curious if you could elaborate!
One of your newest/biggest fans….


Well, thank you for tuning in and thank you for the compliments.
I really appreciate that.
As far as how to act in public…
my mama always told me the loudest one in the room is usually the most insecure.
The Jackals and Hyenas are already the loudest, so why compete?
You ever notice those people trying to bring all the attention OUTSIDE the club?
They are outside with the Ferrari doors up on a Honda,
music from the system blasting,
and just trying to let everyone know:


They are outside though.

You ever peeped the queens on the street?
They are calling people out and being incredibly messy.
Chances are, they are doing it out of insecurity.
They need to bring everyone down to their level,
that you see decent people don’t want to hang with them.

What do people like Jay Z, Beyonce, and Kanye West have in common?
You can even add Rihanna, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Denzel Washington, and Jennifer Lopez to this example.
These are people who are more concerned about their careers than a image.
I have seen a number of them walk into a room and they bring a presence with them.
It makes you stop and stare.
It automatically makes them stand out.
Another good example….
You ever been at a job and you knew who the manager or someone higher up was?
When you have something going on in your life,
you don’t need to try so hard for people to notice you.
Remember: confidence is always your best fashion accessory.
In EVERY lifestyle environment,
you already know who is trying too hard.
Hope this helped!
Make us proud in the Foxhole!
advice questions: jamari.fox@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “f0xmail: How Do You Act Like A Prince, Instead of a Pauper, In Public?

  1. Jamari, no lie, I have a side gig at a retail store and this young fox came in with this VERY old white dude and he bought him hundreds of dollars worth of gay attire (colorful tanks, underwear, etc). He was definitely a fox too. Had the mohawk, excessive jewelry, and capri jean shorts foxes love so much.

    I think that was my first time actually seeing that type of arrangement with my own eyes. You hear about it from friends and shit, but actually seeing it with your own eyes is crazy!

    Dude definitely had to be fucking that old white man in exchange for a shopping spree.

  2. uh oh, jamari ,, gay dudes contacting you for Charm school for foxes: Fab and Fierce 101 …get it

    1. ^meaning in a club setting.
      don’t judge these people off of PR stunts online.
      in person,
      they are not extra when they attend an event.
      attitudes – that is a different story.

  3. I love it…this is so true. People that beg for attention are often lacking something and trying to make up for it any way they can.

  4. It’s always best to be reserved and humble. Everyone has a public image and a private image. Always let the public see your good side because your private image is made up of things that other people might not find too appealing, like a person’s sexuality for an example. Also, keep your word to people around you, most importantly to your friends and family.

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