Girls Who Think They Are Boys But Really Are Still Girls

tumblr_inline_mperngpf7m1qz4rgpalmost every straight girl with a uterus claims she is like “a nigga”.
its always some loud mouth,
sorta aggressive,
has no friends girl who shouts this to the world.
its like almost all new yawk girls are way too aggressive for their own good.
let some shit go down tho,
and suddenly those girly emotions come oozing out.
no chill.
all in their feels.
i’m sure we have all met “the girl who thinks she is a wolf,
but is really still a girl” once or twice in our lives.
liar liar thinks she is one of them…
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Lil Mama Will Play What Rapper In What Made for TV Biopic??

looks like lil mama got a new job.
she has been casted in a new movie.
one about a real life 90s girl group who happen to be tomboys.
they been broke.
her character burned her baller wolf’s house down.
she also happened to die in a tragic car crash.
figured it out yet foxhole?…

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f0xmail: How Do You Act Like A Prince, Instead of a Pauper, In Public?


What’s the word, Jamari?

 I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for posting “The Foxy Rules of Getting a Sponsored Lifestyle.
Actually, I took that post for more than just talking about how to get a “sponsor,” and saw a lot of ways where you can just improve on being a down-ass Fox.
More than that, you gave a lot of advice about knowing your own self worth.
I always respect a hustler, and Jamari, my blog/lifestyle Guru, you are just that.
I was wondering if you planned on doing any follow up posts
about how to conduct yourselves in certain environments?
What do I mean by that?
Well, I’m very new and very green to this lifestyle having just graduated from college and just now getting my feet wet.
I’m always wondering how you’re supposed to act/conduct yourselves in different environments.
For instance, I feel you’re saying be laid back, BUT, you’re also saying make sure you get noticed.
Just curious if you could elaborate!
One of your newest/biggest fans….


Jingle balls.
Jingle balls.
Jingling balls all the way…

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