Jingle balls.
Jingle balls.
Jingling balls all the way…

Who do you believe?
click below…


for Alleged #1, that was a very large woman.

Alleged #2 …. I need to see a face.
He/She could have been riding the mailman on that cheap ass bed.

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  1. Yo seriously…putting people out there is some of the most childish shit in the world. It is the lamest way to attempt to hurt a person and further shows how fucked up your character is.

    If you choose to be out, cool if that nigga in the closet leave him there, lock him in and throw away the key, hell you’ll get more that way. Tired of and can’t stand dudes who wanna play like chicks and get all in their feelings and then try and tell business.

    Further more it puts you on the DO NOT FUCK WITH LIST for any other DL dude, Discreet Baller, Industry head checking for you. Everybody wants the one who can keep they mouth shut, as a matter of fact niggas will put you on cause you keep quiet.

    But I guess folks don’t care about being known as the loud mouth. SMH

    All WOLVES AND FOXES beware of the chihuahua ( a MFer that yap yap yap all day)

    Even OUT people like confidence in the sanctity of their relationship, No bullshit, this is why Masculine Dudes Semi-Dread Fems and Trannies

  2. Yes!Please write something. They need to stop. They are scaring off potential wolves and foxes for us all.

  3. I have to agree with you. Show me proof. Queens and trannies stuntin’ for publicity. I’m not about putting anyone’s business out there. However, if you gon’ do it… do it right and for good reason(no silly mess). Have your accusations ready with solid evidence( no pixelized pics and videos with no heads).
    Do i think trey songz is straight? Not really, it is what it is. Jesus Luz is no shocker to me. Ain’t he from Brazil? They seem like a very sexually fluid people to begin with. If he was taking backshots from an NBA player, I wouldn’t be shocked. I would like to see that action, though.;)

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