Slowly Approaching…

Who woulda thunk?

Who woulda thunk my little blog was really the little engine that could?
As I have been writing….
I’m hearing that some ballers peep my site (*winks*).
I got D/L and discreet Wolves sniffin around my Foxhole.
I’m inspiring all my Foxes around the world.

… and now,
I’m slowly approaching the 300,000 views mark.
All in a little of close to 2 years.

That alone is the best Christmas present I could EVER receive.

You know I can never thank you enough.
I am always grateful for my blessings.
God has truly been good to me.
You guys, my readers, have definitely been GREAT to me.

I told you it was Fox World Domination.
We have to teach these other Foxes how WE do it.
We WILL teach these Wolves to get their shit together.

Isn’t life fuckin’ good?

Always love.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Slowly Approaching…”

  1. I may speak for others when I say that it has gotten so that I need a dose of you everyday, Jamari. You are like a multi-vitamin, ‘cept sweeter, hotter, and a hell of a lot funnier! Thanks for the many fine posts this year. All the Best to you in 2011!!

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