get into the non-christmas feeling this year

when we were younger,
christmas meant something to us.
it was the time of year where we got free expensive shit,
even if we were bad,
some of our parents took pity on us and didn’t gift wrap a lump of coal.
if you were good,
you hoped your parents got you that thing you been hinting.
the hints are usually thrown out about thanksgiving.
that is the perfect time to get other family involved.
your parents ain’t buying it,
but your grandparents will drop the coins.

if you were like me,
on like the 15th,
you’d get your magnifying glass and start scavenging for the present(s).
when you grow up,
and you don’t have a family,
you can pretty much afford what you want,
christmas can feel like just another day

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Christmas Carols Before The Christmas Carnage: The Father That Turned

“warning” from notorious big is one of my favorite songs.
it warns you that those you love can be the same ones to betray you.
set you up for your demise.
this seems to be the story here with ^that family.
they died on christmas eve because a father allegedly turned on them.
a close family member seemed to have warned the mother in the past too.
it was all good on facebook a couple hours ago tho.
check the story a foxholer sent me via ny daily news
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Christmas, The Most Wonderful Flexing Time Of The Year!

ya know foxhole,
it’s funny.
someone asked me what i wanted for christmas today.
just a random question from a friend.
i completely forgot that is coming up.
i didn’t put up a tree,
as i usually never do,
but this year doesn’t feel all that merry.
a couple years ago,
my apartment would be filled with christmas music.
you could feel the christmas spirit down the hall.
so when i was asked the question,
i didn’t hesitate on what i what i really wanted…
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Ho, Ho, Ho Blow (Christmas)

503399-25617af6-5d9d-11e3-ae40-d33e7a4d8181so this christmas is going to be a bust.
i’m not really feelin’ it this year.
i’d love to start my new year with a career.
my blog
my book
living off that revenue
give a mean peace sign to those hoes at my gig now
opening an image consulting company.
styling wolves
one of my home-vixens just asked me what i wanted for christmas.
i told her nothing much but…

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WOLF MEAT: (142)

my favorite f-bi assologist sent me some cakes during his christmas shopping

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You Will NOT Stick A Crunch Bar Inside Me… EVER.

i’m starting to wonder if i’m going to die celibate?

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