Christmas Carols Before The Christmas Carnage: The Father That Turned

“warning” from notorious big is one of my favorite songs.
it warns you that those you love can be the same ones to betray you.
set you up for your demise.
this seems to be the story here with ^that family.
they died on christmas eve because a father allegedly turned on them.
a close family member seemed to have warned the mother in the past too.
it was all good on facebook a couple hours ago tho.
check the story a foxholer sent me via ny daily news

A man accused of killing his estranged wife and two children on Monday is a vegan chef who shared a joyful Facebook video of himself singing carols with his son just hours before the Christmas carnage.
Anthony Milan Ross, a 45-year-old chef, author, and motivational speaker who touted a vegan diet as the source of his dramatic weight loss, was charged with three counts of first-degree murder on Tuesday.
His estranged wife Iris Ross, 38, was found dead outside an apartment complex in Phoenix, Ariz., before he barricaded himself inside the home with their 10-month-old daughter Anora and 11-year-old son Nigel.Anthony Ross exchanged gunfire with police before authorities swarmed the residence and arrested him in a dramatic conclusion to the six-hour standoff.An officer was hit by shrapnel in the firefight, and Anthony Ross was taken into custody uninjured on Monday night.

Police later found the couple’s two children dead inside the apartment.

Iris Ross’ sister told ABC that she received a text message earlier that afternoon that stated, “I just killed Iris and the kids.” Moments later, another text came, announcing, “with a gun.”

“I knew that man was very unstable. I knew he had a very, very dark side…I didn’t know it was this dark,” Mary Wogas said.

Ross has prior felony arrests on his record. A motive in the triple homicide remains unclear, and police are investigating the killings as a domestic violence incident.

this is the video from his fb:

was he on steroids too?
i hear that can have folks going into rage mode early.
he looks crazy af tho.
it’s all in his eyes in that mug shot photo.
shame because he had such a powerful story with his weight loss too:

i hope they get to a motive soon.
this story is heartbreaking.
he should just offed himself and leave the cubs be.
i can only imagine what they’re last moments were.

article cc: ny daily news

4 thoughts on “Christmas Carols Before The Christmas Carnage: The Father That Turned

  1. This is fucking insane. I’m speechless…

    This pisses me the fuck off and fills me with an overwhelming amount of sadness. This is the world we live in? Rest well to the family and prayers with their loved ones.

    Be very careful who you invite into your life. SMDH

  2. Wow. This story sliced me a bit. Almost teared up. Pretty insane but something definitely is strange here.

    The other with people these days is that most are narrcasitic and mentally unstable.

    We don’t have too look far to the fake “Relationship Goals” Instagram posts too know that folks love to put up a front.

    Whether one is at work, school, church or even going to the store, society is more focused on the physical than mental. It has always been like that but now there is urgency to keep up the beauty outside when there is a ticking time bomb within.

    One should be careful these days with how they deal with others, that bomb could explode one day and you be with proximity.

  3. I find it incredible that some people can do so much good one minute and then do so much bad the next. What is really going on inside people’s brains these days

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