I Want To Be Falsely Accused Inside The Louie Store

they don’t want “us” wearing their stuff.
as much as it looks good,
and the quality is a1,
“they” seem to have an issue when we go in there to buy luxury items.
a black vixen was falsely accused in the louie v section of saks fifth avenue.
a foxholer sent me the story via the root

A Michigan woman is alleging that Saks Fifth Avenue employees profiled her after she made some high-end purchases at their store last week.

With only a few days left until Christmas, Dana Hale and her 24-year-old daughter, Paris, went to a Saks store store in Troy, Mich., on Dec. 21 to get some shopping done.

As WXYZ-TV reports, Hale bought $6,731 worth of Louis Vuitton designer bags, a belt, a keychain and Christmas gifts. She put some of the luxury goods on her business credit card, and paid for the rest in cash. Hale, who owns a training center for nurses in East Point, Mich., says that the clerk told her she could leave her purchases with her as she continued shopping, which Hale did.

That should have been that.

But while Hale was checking out some sunglasses, someone called the Troy police. The next thing she knew, she was being confronted by an officer.

“He said ‘You and you, I need to talk to you,’” Dana told WXYZ.

Her daughter began filming the encounter with the police on her cellphone. On the footage, the officer can be heard sayings that the name on the business card doesn’t match. He also says that the card is declined.

“So we’re like, OK. Then this is possibly credit card fraud,” the officer says.

Hale responds, “[The card] didn’t decline, though; it went through.”

And she literally has the receipt to prove it, which she showed to the WXYZ news team. As anyone whose card has ever been declined can attest (seriously, who among us hasn’t experienced this?), there is no receipt at the end of a transaction that never goes through.

Hale says that she knows exactly what the issue is.

“They profiled me because I was in sweats. Because I was black … they could just treat people any kind of way,” Hale said. The entire experience left her “really sad” and “embarrassed.”

“They made me feel belittled,” she continued. “They made me feel harassed. And it was intimidation that you called the police?”

Saks is reportedly “investigating the matter,” according to WXYZ. Hale was told that the Saks clerk called in the report to the police, adding that a representative for the company called her last Saturday offering to refund the money she paid for the goods (which she had kept).

Hale told the TV station that she’s called an attorney.

i do love moments like this.
those are the moments you get to show the fuck out.
i’m not talking being ghetto and causing a scene either.
i learned from my mother how to be nice/nasty in situations like this.
i would have demanded to see a manager ASAP.

if the general manager was on site,
it would be a party.

if i was her,
i’d would mos definitely sue.
i’m glad she got a refund and kept the stuff.
the credit card scammers have made it hard for everyone,
but stores need to not assume all of “us” are out here scamming.
i shouldn’t have to show up in a 3 piece suit to be taken seriously.
when folks shop,
they want to be comfortable as possible.
i hope that vixen gets the justice and pay off she deserves.

lowkey: this is why i don’t go in those stores unless i’m buying something.
they stay asking you every two seconds if you need help.

…while i go get assistance from someone else on the floor.

article cc: the root

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “I Want To Be Falsely Accused Inside The Louie Store”

  1. I saw a video earlier this month about Black Friday and a man and his mom went and purchased a flat screen and Target called the police on them talking about they stole a sound bar. Hemmed them up for hours in the store. They showed out and after all of that, they kept the stuff.

    When dealing with suspected racial profiling, you need the following:
    Employee’s name
    General Manager’s name and email
    District/Regional Manager’s name and email
    Store Number
    Social Media (Twitter and Tumblr work best for airing a company out)

    Write a letter that sounds personable and relatable to the company and CC all of the higher-ups that you can find in that company and continue to spread the word about never going back in that store or any store to give them your business, regardless if the situation is handled correctly or not. Find a black owned business to patron and don’t look back. And invest in cryptocurrency. Litecoin and Factom are looking good. Happy Kwanzaa! 😬 🙃

  2. Like I saw one commenter mentioned, a good deal a people with $ go into these stores with sweats and lookin jus regular, they don’t need to be flashy and flaunting their wealth, cause a lot of times those who do are posers and don’t buy shit…I remember in high school one of my good friends was this Jewish chick who would come to school e’rydayb with either her beat down Doc Martens or Jesus lookin Birkenstocks (I should’ve had a clue then cause that footwear wasn’t necessarily cheap back then) depending on the weather…she neva wore makeup, hair neva styled looked like a wet chicken, totally embracing the grunge look at the time (I know, I’m totally dating myself)…but she was cool a/f and down to earth…but yo, when I finally went to her house/mansion, I was like OMG, this chick’s family was loaded a/f and none of that nouveau-riche shit, this was legacy-riche…but u would’ve neva known if she walked into a store and judged her on looks alone…from that experience it changed my outlook and I’m more nuanced in my judgement of people…or not to judge period, cause u neva know, and shouldn’t actually…

  3. I’ve been profiled a few times. Once, many years ago when I was in Houston at a restaurant full of white people (I was the only black person there). I remember I wanted some me time that day after work and decided to go somewhere dressed in my comfort zone. I was feeling special and ordered myself boku food and I kept ordering and believe or not… several of the white waiters kept whispering and watching me and they were chattering..and no one came back to my table and one of them even went and got the manager and out of my peripheral, I saw them all observing me and chattering, then I heard one white girl…I heard her mumble, “This isn’t right. You guys shouldn’t be like. You don’t know..” and she came over and started to help me and asked was everything fine. A busser accompanied her and they both helped clear my table and were very nice and accomidating, while I saw the others watching and waiting too see what would happen.

    It turns out they didn’t think I was going to pay for the food and decided too debate if they should keep serving me or not.

    I flashed the nice waiter my credit, too which she smiled and then
    dropped her and the busser a $20 tip and as I was leaving, I saw her gloating in her co-workers face and shaking her head.

    I’ll never forget that day tho.

  4. If I’m EVER treated badly in a store/restaurant/or any other business establishment, I will NEVER step foot in that place again. Last year, I went to the Dooney & Burke store in a local mall to buy my sister a specific bag she wanted for her birthday. I had a picture of the bag and everything. I went in the store and was ignored for about 5 minutes, and there were maybe two other women in the store besides myself. Now they saw me when I came into the store, but the clerks/associates were behind the counter bullshitting. This guy came over, and he seemed to have an attitude, and said can I help you. I said nah, I’m good. I’ll go see if I can get this in Macy’s.

  5. I’ve always heard this about Saks. I have a good friend that is of means, and they don’t even shop there. The rest of the stores at our luxury mall seem to welcome everyone, but I live in Atlanta. Black people having money here isn’t “shocking”. They even treat my broke ass nicely when I walk in Nordstroms. LOL

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