The Drugs Are Killing Us (Rip To A Mutual)

i met him a few years ago through some mutual friends.
i don’t remember much about him,
but he was cool af when we would hang out.
i do remember that he loved to party and drink.
as life went on,
we became strangers since we didn’t have a strong connection.
well he died last week after being in a coma for close to a month.
his funeral is today.
i’m still puzzled as to how he died…

the story i was told is that after a night of partying,
he came home,
fell sleep,
and didn’t wake up.
there was a glimmer of hope one day and then he was gone the next.
his organs couldn’t handle it any longer and they shut down.
here come the conspiracy theories now.
he had some kind of drugs in his system,
but allegedly,
our mutual re-assures me he wasn’t the type to do hard drugs.
weed was his only vice.

“i know him j!
all he did was drink and smoke.
i don’t understand how he had a cocaine in his system.
he never did that!”

that’s the thing,
we truly don’t know how people are.
all of us play a role of “good upstanding citizens”,
but we have our vices that get we keep a secret.
do you know how many of your fav celebs are raging drug addicts?
i’ve know folks who witnessed celebs doing lines before walking out on stage.
whatever he took,
or was given to him,
it was so powerful that he didn’t wake up after taking it.

that ironic part about all of this?

he was best friends with the wolf ( x that passed earlier this year ).
that’s how i met him.
rip to him.

lowkey: a mother is now without her cub for the holidays.
one of the worst times to lose someone.

5 thoughts on “The Drugs Are Killing Us (Rip To A Mutual)

  1. Sorry to hear this about your acquaintance. May he R.I.P.You gotta be careful. You right, you don’t always know ppl like you think you do. You can only see so much of them and that’s mostly what they want you to see. Also be careful who you party with. Ppl lace blunts with all kinds of stuffs and either won’t tell you or will try to pressure you into it.

  2. Damn man. You’re right tho Jamari, we truly don’t know how people are. Sorry to hear about dude.

  3. Damn, tha’s too bad…Too many of us brothas ate dying way too young and preventable deaths these days…and he may have smoked weed, but too much drinking can do u in…most of us will downplay how much we actually engage in these kinda activities

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