Lewis Hamilton Tried To Race His Way Out Of A Dragging (Ya’ll Caught Up Tho)

racing baller wolf,
lewis hamilton,
has gotten the present of dragging this christmas.
he uploaded a video on insta snap that has everyone in a panic.
it was him questioning why his nephew was wearing a princess dress.
the nephew asked for a princess dress for christmas.
this is the video…


i guess i’m different,
but as a gay fox i would probably ask the same question.
in a joking way and to his mother/father.
my issue is him putting that cub out there for the world to see.
that part was a bit much.
lewis didn’t think this would take him on a quick tour of hell.
“male cubs in dresses/cubs in genderless households” is a hot topic.
it will mark the letters “P H O B I C” on you real quick.
he did apologize for it:

i don’t think lewis was being malicious about it.
i’m just going off his tone in the video.
the cub was laughing.
there is some snow bunny,
i’m assuming is the mother,
sitting and looking relaxed in the background.
she doesn’t look offended or clutching her pearls.
where is the need for the pitch forks and outrage?
everyone is super sensitive about things like this tho.
even if you’re gay/bi and don’t understand certain things,
you’re still opening up yourself to be bullied into a dragging.
it’s gonna get to a point folks gonna be robots out here.
everyone gonna be afraid to say anything in fear of being dragged.
folks legit creating a forest of egg shells.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton Tried To Race His Way Out Of A Dragging (Ya’ll Caught Up Tho)”

  1. LOL he should have saw this one coming… People will drag you for any and everything. Especially in this climate of social media, SJW’s and everybody having their own platform of anonymity to say whatever they want without having to deal with any immediate repercussions.

  2. The tone of his voice was over the top; despite the boy’s laughter and innocence. His tone clearly makes it known that he had a serious issue with it. Especially, when he shouted ‘boys don’t wear dresses’. Why did he even record it?

  3. He’s a stupid cunt. He meant what he said. Can never understand why people don’t own up to their fuckery. He back tracking is just him trying to keep his add from being on the news as being a socual bully. Stupid cunt. He probably sucking many dicks racing them cars.

  4. He shouldn’t have apologized. And it’s always white women as the vangard of this behavior. Charlize Theron, Madonna, etc. I hate that we live in this super sensitive climate that we’re not able to express our thoughts.

  5. He was very serious and he meant every word. I agree we live in an ultra sensitive world but I think people have a right to their feelings.

  6. I wish people would stop with this “everybody is too sensitive” bullshit. Freedom of speech is a two way street. People have the right to express whatever thoughts and opinions they have and everyone has to respond with on their own thoughts and opinions.

    Everybody wants to express their every thought and opinion on social media, but want to get mad when people don’t respond they way they want them to or thought they would. So who’s really the sensitive ones? If you can’t handle criticism of what you post online for the world to see then keep that shit to yourself.

    It’s always the people who claim “everyone is too sensitive” who are the most sensitive snowflakes of them all

    1. Also, someone disagreeing with what you say is not them being “sensitive.” Especially if what you say is fucking ignorant. Some of y’all are out here believing that someone having different thoughts and opinions from your own means that they’re sensitive.No, that’s called being a human individual.

      As for Lewis’s comments.

      Gay is a sexuality. Not clothing. Not a personality.

      A boy wearing a dress doesn’t make him gay or even feminine (FYI there’s nothing wrong with being feminine). It’s just fucking fabric for gods sake. Does a boy wearing a cape make him fucking Superman? Stop being ridiculous. You do know that historically men used to wear heels, stockings and makeup right? Also, what exactly about what someone is wearing defines their gender or sexuality? How does wearing a dress make someone less of a man or less “masculine?”

      It’s incredible how you have to sit grown ass people down and talk to them like they’re five years old, sad how it’s easier for a toddler to comprehend this basic information than it is for so called adults.

      1. Thank you KJD for your comments. It’s relieving to find that someone else has a brain in this world. I’ve been losing hope as of late.

    2. The realest post of them all. I’m even disappointed in Jamar for practically brushing this off and saying we’re creating a forest full of egg shells. The main problem with what he did and said is it sticks with you when your a child. The person I’m my picture is Mylene Cruz from the Netflix series The Get Down. I wish I could be the fabulous singing goddess that Mylene Cruz is but even the thought of putting on a wig makes me feel like I’ll be killed. I’m scared to be Trans based off what was said to me in my childhood especially growing up in a Jamaican household. I was always told “boys don’t do that” I literally use to get beatings while my mother screamed at me “no child of mine will be gay” my sister would give me all her old days to use for my action figures and my father would go through my bin of toys and throw them all away and called me a faggot while doing so and lecturing me about what boys dont do. My mother would cut my glorious long hair all the time saying that I look like a girl and she only has one girl not two. That isht sticks with you forever. I’m currently struggling with tolerating the sound of my mother’s voice because of all the things that happened to me as a child.

      1. First off, sorry your childhood was so tucked up. Second, thank you so much for your willingness to be vulnerable enough to speak your truth and pray a tremendous healing upon you. Lastly, I fully agree with you, because shit like that does stay with you, and though in time you will forgive it but you never forget it. So if you need to vent just hit me up on IG @lwilliamp

      2. ^jimmy,
        first i want to extend my love to you as ive been there.
        i didn’t brush it off,
        but more so seeing this particular situation as a non issue.
        that little boy is three.
        he hasn’t said he is gay nor is that the narrative of this story.
        if lewis was nasty about it then i could understand.
        it seemed all in humor.
        this is the same lewis that raised a rainbow flag in support when gay marriage was passed.
        i feel like this particular issue showed a lot of policing and projecting.

  7. How about you worry about your own damn kids?!

    White women have the moral high ground on absolutely NOTHING judging by how they vote and how their kids turn out 🤷🏾‍♂️

    The gays that always have something to say about other people’s kids don’t have any and don’t mentor any aside from their gay families aka grown ass men they clique up with.

    I wouldn’t apologize for shit, embrace the Trump Era 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. People just be reaching as far as they can I see these days.

    How does wearing a dress make a man less masculine? Well, I don’t think it does but even though in “some cultures” men had attire like that, times have changed as per history, men wore pants because they rode horses into battle. Why would they wear dresses which would slow them down and are a fire hazard and is just extra work when they have to go to the bathroom?

    Simple “short loin cloth clothing is what folks like to call “Dresses or skirts”. +1

    Women wearing skirts) dresses goes way back in history with it being easier for them to do things like go to the bathroom or when they were menstruating (when tampons and thing of the like did not exist).

    [Clothes are just material things but that doesn’t mean they aren’t tailored for a specific gender.

    Princess = The DAUGHTER of a monarch…A FEMALE member of a royal family.

    Prince = The SON of a monarch…A MALE member of a royal family.

    Princess dress…a dress made for the DAUGHTER of a monarch…a FEMALE.

    So yes, he is right. Boys do not wear princess dresses.

    That doesn’t make the child gay or anything but boys don’t wear princess and I don’t understand the backlash?? 🤔

    It’s really not that complicated but as usual, the gender patrol tries very hardly to mix everything up.

    If that was my son, I probably wouldn’t get him a princess dress. Firstly, that is MY child, whom I created along with their mother and I do have a say so in what they should or shouldn’t wear based on what I feel is right. I am raising them.

    The only thing I’m against is “beating it” into a child’s mind about gender roles. If I were too tell him “Be what you want, wear what you want, no one will care,” I’d be a liar. Some people do care, and they will harass you for it & maybe even kill you.

    As a parent, I would not want that for MY child & I’m not going too let them endure torment because of a “feeling” they have.

    We all have emotions and feelings…love at first sight, the urge to kill, the urge to lie or steal…

    When he gets grown, he’s free too be whatever he wants, even if that is a woman.

    I’ll always still love him of course, and respect his choice, but I can’t say the same for all parents or other people.

    Anyone that thinks this is going to pan out into some happy Disney fairy tale in the future is clearly a fool chasing after the wind though.

    I will say that biblical speaking a woman shall not put on [the weapons/armor of a warrior], neither shall a [warrior] put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.”

    This is just like saying that a woman should not wear the clothing of a man, i.e., trousers and vice versa for a man to woman. As you know, with this verse alone, most of our culture is pretty much torn to shreds. Unless you consider the use of “abomination” and read exactly what it says in that chapter of Duetoromny (not the KJV, which is usually mistranslated..🙄).

    Abomination can be translated into either a sickness, a vile thing or something that is taboo. Clearly, in this chapter, “taboo” is what it means. Also, it never once mentions anything about “everyday clothes”, it says weapon and armour.

    Taboo = words, objects, actions, or people that are forbidden by a GROUP or CULTURE.

    Princesses and Princes (namely the entire royal court) didn’t wear “everyday clothes” like the commoners. They were distinguished from them by their titles and garments. Simple as that.

    Depending on your specific beliefs and cultures, it can be an odd thing for a man to wear “girl clothes” or take on the roles of women, it may not be for other cultures.

    I know that in America, men (male characters) that dress as women are seen as either perverts, weirdos or as joke characters (Too Wong Foo, Shenehneh, Wanda, Madea’, Ms. Doubt fire, Jo Ann Prada, Bugs Bunny..etc)

    That’s just how it is in American culture.
    Notice that humanity started with it, then came out of it for more favorable gender norms, and now it’s an urgency to embrace it all over again.

    “There is nothing new under the sun. Though the generations pass, their trials endure forever.”

    Will it change one day? I wouldn’t expect it very soon with ancient religion ingrained very deeply within the hearts of Americans.

  9. At the end of the day, I am so glad we live in a time when people like Lewis are being dragged and immediately brought together when they criticize and ridicule the freedom and liberty all humans should be able to express. Why is it so hard to understand that gender and all of that other bull is SOCIETALLY created to keep people in a box and patriarchs comfortable. For years, males who have expressed behavior that is seen as less than masculine have been beaten both physically and mentally. It has never been right. The beauty of being human is having the intelligence to be what one
    wants to be. Drag his behind, is what I say.

  10. The hypocrisy alone kills me. Here he is with two sets of earrings in his ears. Many men say that only women should wear earrings, especially in both ears. Social conditioning is blinding, dangerous, and even worse than ignorance. People like Lewis are sheep.

  11. I agree, for me the issue was his tone. The little boy was laughing and still enjoying his princess dress (LOL) while the lady in the background appeared unbothered. I’m sure he didn’t mean any harm though. Our generation can be so impulsive at times, including myself, that we don’t always think before we post.

  12. There was a dude at my school that was a feature baton twirler with the band during halftime. He was called everything but a child of Gawt, but was low-key fucking every girl that have him the time of day. Eventually, it came out that he was Bi with a preference for men, but in high school he was a how fucking girls.

    I have been accused of not really being gay because I’m not a “queen” and too many girls try to get at me. Gender roles have gotten many a dude cheated on assuming that the feminine guy chillin with his girl is gay. It is not one sided either. A girl that played ball at a school where I taught always wore jeans and Jordan’s and hung with a the boys that played ball as well. Everybody assumed she was a stud. It came out at the end of her junior year that the DUDES were her personal harem. She was fucking all of them despite them having girlfriends. ALL but one, that is. The hardest dude in the group was a power bottom.

    Societal expectations and stereotypes create an environment of easily manipulated people.

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