The Social Media Dad That Everyone Wants To Fuck Now

i’m just gonna font it.

good skin care
no hard living
no smoking
no cubs

eating good

…leaves black folks looking younger for their ages.
am i wrong?
as i say:

Black don’t crack unless it’s on crack

we are known to age pretty good with that good ol melanin.
that and a bomb af moisturizer.
maintaining your melanin is major key.
well that might be the case for the following dad.
his daughter posted this tweet:

…and now everyone is hungry for his meat.
this is what her father looks like

he is also 40 years old.
a dilf if i ever saw one.
this is another picture of when he was much younger:

i hope he isn’t with her mom still.
“pussy stampede” is now activated.

it’s #goals looking “good” at any age.
actually looking younger than your age is a plus.
that is what kills me in the gay community tho.
we all have to mature in age someday,
but if you look younger than your real age…

Is that still gonna guarantee you being taken seriously in such a “age driven” community?

even get sex when you want?
i feel that only applies to those who don’t take care of themselves.

style is wack city
fat and sloppy
looking like you lived a hard life

i feel those are deal breakers in this life.
weird enough,
if her father was gay and didn’t hide his age,
and was a full wolf with no fox tendencies,
he’d be a hit on jack’d/grindr.
age be damned!
am i wrong?
age is definitely just a number.
but “looking good and put together” will always get you in the door.

lowkey: some gays bees like…

“i ain’t fuckin no one over 25”

dwayne “the rock” johnson: 45
lance gross: 36
tremaine: 33
idris elba: 45
michael b jordan: 30
kellon deryck: 30
jay ellis: 35
nas: 44
az: 45
glo upped charlamagne tha god: 39

if any one of them ever slide in my dms,
i’m scheduling a dick appointment.

peep the entire thrist on her tweet: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “The Social Media Dad That Everyone Wants To Fuck Now”

    1. Lol, right…Jamari I was def rocking witcha, smiling nodding my head until I got to Charlemamazing eyebrows…no sir, no ma’am…

    2. I don’t know what it is about Charlamagne.. he’s not my typical type of dude I would go for, but .. I’M IN LOVE WITH CHARLAMAGNE .. OMG

  1. Daddy looks good asf. He def can get it. That’s one thing that about us African Americans we age really well if we don’t abuse our bodies like Jamari wrote. That man is sexy though, and their are plenty of men and women that still got it in their 40s and 50s.

  2. Guys don’t want anybody over 25? I’m shocked lol.

    I know youth is a huge deal in the gay community but the guys who I’m attracted to all seem to mainly be attracted to men who look like them (30+ plus, muscular mature body, facial hair etc.). And I’m 21 and muscular with no body fat but I’m very smooth with no facial hair..

    Maybe I must be looking in the wrong place, I don’t look like a teenager because I’m pretty tall however when you look at me you can tell I’m at least 25 or younger

  3. Jamari u never miss a chance to take a shot at people who are of a certain size, or as you call them “fat and sloppy.” This assumption that you have that you are unattractive if you aren’t a gym rat is nauseating. We all come this this sight knowing u have a near unhealthy obsession with muscle bound men, to the point you’ve allowed it to lead you down toxic roads. Through your posts we also know u make no secret your distain for the “fat and sloppy.” It’s really sad to see gay men like yourself marginalizing other gay men simply because they are not the archetype of physical perfection. Its also sad to see gay men like you near suicidal over a physical preference, because your preference never seems to choose you

  4. i prefer dudes 30+ and 40+. james st patrick from power? 🤔 u post a lot of dudes that look like their still in highschool.. that’s ur preference but don’t push that on everybody bro.. good website tho.

  5. Don’t do the young dudes. And it’s good that men can get older and still be slimmer and attractive body wise. I’m not really into muscle men but a nice little chisiled daddy speaks volumes to me. 🙂

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