I Live In A Haunted House and Ghosts Are Everywhere!

they aren’t always those things that go “bump in the night”.
it doesn’t always look like “casper the friendly ghost” either.
the “dead” can truly live within your soul.
we all carry one or three with us.
it can make us angry or bitter.
maybe even a little bit evil.
the thought of some of them send us right into tears.
we know where they are and how to raise them too.
they are usually stored deep within our memories.
it’s like we hoard them so we can “never forget”.
we are attached to the past feeling.
it isn’t “until” that they pop up and send us running.

emotional support
new experiences



i’ve been (still) haunted by a few of my ghosts.
i was thinking that to myself today…

i would not watch “daredevil” of any other of the netflix super hero shows.
it reminded me of a ghost from my past.
that was “our thing”.
i got emotionally attached to the good times we shared.
super heros was “our thing”.
now that i’m in a better place,
i actually started watching “daredevil” without even a thought of them.
i’m high key vex that i missed out on such a good show too.
being tormented by someone who isn’t physically in my life any longer.

That’s how being haunted works

it’s only until we face our ghosts,
or call the muthafuckin “ghost busters”,
that we are able to fully move on.
i find over time that you don’t even notice they’re gone.
“closure” is the correct term.
once you’re able to do whatever it is that haunts you,
without crying or reminiscing,
then you have truly let go of that ghost(s).
don’t get me wrong,
you might still stir up a ghoul ever so often.
you may even still think of them or get reminded.
once you’re finally free tho,
you won’t be scared away from creating new memories.
much better ones.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “I Live In A Haunted House and Ghosts Are Everywhere!”

  1. Great analogy. My ghost and I shared that interest as well, along many other things. In the beginning it was difficult, but I remembered that I was doing those things before with just as much joy than I had with my ghost. Over time, I’ve gradually started doing everything I use to do without any shame. You will too; good luck with it

  2. I have to break through my barrier. I haven’t been into Manhattan in 6 years, since it was something my ghost and I did every weekend.
    One of these days I have to bring myself to go there again.

  3. It’s hard especially when you and that particular ghost did so many things together. You have to kind of force yourself to enjoy doing those things by yourself.

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