I Live In A Haunted House and Ghosts Are Everywhere!

they aren’t always those things that go “bump in the night”.
it doesn’t always look like “casper the friendly ghost” either.
the “dead” can truly live within your soul.
we all carry one or three with us.
it can make us angry or bitter.
maybe even a little bit evil.
the thought of some of them send us right into tears.
we know where they are and how to raise them too.
they are usually stored deep within our memories.
it’s like we hoard them so we can “never forget”.
we are attached to the past feeling.
it isn’t “until” that they pop up and send us running.

emotional support
new experiences



i’ve been (still) haunted by a few of my ghosts.
i was thinking that to myself today…

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The Haunting Presence of an Overwhelming Work Wolf

black-and-white-creepy-gothic-inspiration-Favim.com-2419388i wasn’t going to write this,
but i said why not?
i share pretty much everything with the foxhole.
the good and the bad.
things i’m sure people side eye me for.
why stop now?
i’d rather vent my craziness,
then bottle it up inside.
so here goes…
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